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Sunday mornings equal family time for our little crew. It's a special treat when we can cook together with the kids, and eat the finished product while lounging around in our PJs. No time limit or place to run off to - just family, just pure happiness. (Even our four year old, Yuli, puts down his iPad during family time!) And, my sister and her boyfriend are visiting New York this weekend, so it's an even bigger treat to have them here eating with us.

Earlier this week, my team spoke with talented chef and Instagram sensation Amy Kritzer, of @whatjewwannaeat (punny, aye?!), about some of her favorite homemade recipes and decided to make the Baileys Challah French Toast this AM (hold the Baileys for the kids version!).

The recipe (which turned out DELICIOUS) was super easy to make and took no time at all, which is a huge plus given that hungry kids were involved! My boys also had a blast helping out, mixing ingredients and watching the brioche challa bread fluff up in all of its golden brown eggy glory.

Amy (the leading lady behind @whatjewwannaeat), was a blast to chat with. We loved swapping stories about our two brands, and both agreed that all things are better in the world when women support other women! We also love that Amy let us borrow this amazing recipe and pass it on to all of you this beautiful summer Sunday.

Wishing you all a Monday as sweet as this French Toast! :-)

Neshikot = XX





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