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It's mid-week and the trend- scoop is back for your tasting! I can only imagine how well you've been testing out the pleats/bucket bag/trench coat looks from last week's post, and can't wait to see what you do with today's styles. Warning: the three trends I've picked out for you (ahem, myself!) today are a bit more fashionably outrageous. So, have fun with each of them, just as I plan to! And, remember, you can style any trend to your liking and comfortability with minimal effort, so never be shy to try something new. (That includes you, hot mamas!)

1. Over-the-Knee Boots

This look has become my footwear obsession. When my outfit needs that bit of something extra, over-the-knee styles are my go-to. No matter what else you're wearing on bottom or top, your outfit is automatically deemed fashionable because of this one style. Beyond the fashion aspect, this look is so flattering, especially since it covers any leg breakage from thigh to ankle. And, when worn with tights and a skirt, the look lengthens legs more than any other boot. Oh, and let's not forget warmth. The taller the boot, the more skin that gets covered in freezing temps. Great logic all around, wouldn't you say?

2. Pop of Red

When colder temperatures hit, I often see women layering on the dark clothes- blacks/greys/browns/army greens. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE a good dark color palate (just take a peek in my closet, and you'll see!). You can never wear too much dark, really. But, I find that it's best to balance out said darks with pops of bright, fun colors - even as the temps begin to scoot down below freezing! Here's where the pop of red comes in. Whether you choose to include a red bag, hat, shades, or shoes (yes, shoes!), this one little bit of color can jazz up any look. Opting for another poppin shade works, too, if red isn't your best fit.

3. Tea Length

Though I'm always a fan of mixing up clothing lengths, I find that fall is the perfect season to try out the tea-length look over and over (and over!) again. Longer hemlines are in, and the mid-calf length is fun and flattering, no matter your body shape or height. This look works equally well with ankle, chelsea, or mid-calf boots (the latter-most seriously elongates legs, since it provides continuous coverage from the feet up!) and a cropped top or waist crop leather jacket.

Neshikot= Xx





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