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After five years of living in New York, the most amazing place on this earth that I've come to know and love dearly, this Mediterranean transplant finds herself really needing quick breaks from the fast-paced, City vibes that dictate the course of my days. My husband and I decided that this beautiful season would be the perfect time to take a 24 hour trip to NapAmagansett.

I've always been a big fan of the weather far out on Long Island - it feels so fresh and clean, unlike the City air that can often feel smoggy. And, my gosh, Mary Marvelous has the best coffee in town (and the yogurt muffins (especially the raspberry!) are the tastiest in the world, I assure you). Even Alec Baldwin likes this place - I always see him there when I stop in to the shop! He, like the shop's vibes, is the sweetest! Last time we ran into him, he joked that he wanted to take my little Yuli out to Hollywood to be a big movie star. (Full disclosure: Yuli is only 4, and isn't heading out West anytime soon!)

There's a library in town, too, that my boys just love. After breakfast at Mary Marvelous, we always take Yuli and Ori over there to read books and play with toys. It keeps them busy for hours, they love it that much. Watching the two of them devour book after book in the intellectual environment the library provides makes Noam and me so happy. We could stare at them all day, just watching the two of them going about their daily activities, growing into the people they will be.

After the library, we always find ourselves at the local playground, a family horse farm and a nearby beach (horses are for Yuli, the beach is for Noam - in case that wasn't obvious :)). Life is so easy and chill out there, with the water as our background, clear Amagansett air around us, and precious family time. No City vibes or white noise (which in actuality is filled with sirens, honking horns, and a constant bustle of people).

Every time we come out here to visit, I find myself getting flashbacks from the TV series "The Affair." The show was actually filmed in the aforementioned local spots that I love. It's nice to see that my tastes align well with the show's vibes :)! You should definitely check out the series if you're looking for a good one to start. Though I don't have time for much TV, I do make time for this show- it's that good.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a good start for the week.

Neshikot= XX





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