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Based on what you already know about my love of clothing, shoes, and accessories, it should come as no surprise that I love jewelry just as much (and have a ton of it, too!). That being said, most of the time I find myself wearing the same few pieces over and over. This is precisely what I know will happen again with pieces from this line of Dana Bronfman jewelry, pictured here. And, I'm OK (more than OK...very pleased) with that, given how beautiful all the looks are!

Being that I am a fashion blogger, I have the opportunity to meet a great deal of new and interesting people daily in the fashion and beauty spaces. One of my favorite examples is Dana Bronfman. Every single time (no exaggeration here!) that I wear a piece (or 6...layering is what I do!) from her current line, I get a ridiculously high number of compliments. The masses just love Dana and her jewelry!

As can be seen from first glance, Bronfman's handmade pieces are edgy and unique, and directly parallel my own personal style. From studs and cutouts to chunkies and pressed-metal designs, Bronfman's line boasts quality looks for every type of buyer. And, because each piece comes in a variety of different metal colors, styles can be easily personalized to respective customers' tastes and thus match any look they are paired with.

Now, let's talk about how I chose to style the pieces.

#1 - Layer, Layer, Layer - I love a good bunch of jewelry layered all up on my fingers or wrists, especially when different colors and styles are at play. Layering adds depth to any look, as does multi-colored styles. Also, Bronfman's pieces lend themselves to easy layering, since the overall theme of her line is edgy and pieces give off a similar vibe, no matter their thickness or specific accents.

#2- Mix n Match - Meshing styles, shapes, and colors together is exciting to me. Not only is layering fun, but mixtures of colors are even better. I love a good gold/silver combo (which, inevitably, matches anything you're wearing given the contrast of shades). More so, I love mixing delicate pieces with chunkier ones, so the combination strikes a beautiful balance between the two.

#3 - Keep it Simple At the Neckline - Though I'm a big supporter of the more the better re: wrists and hands, I think the neckline should be clean and simple. One standout piece, like the black cylinder cutout novelty, pictured, is all you need to highlight the collarbone and elongate the neck. Also, one piece breaks up the space between shirt and skin with ease.

I can't wait to sport my Dana Bronfman pieces around (over and over and over again). I'd love to know what you think of how I styled my pieces and which looks you'd wear yourself!






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