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Some of my favorite things to play around with are my accessories. While it’s true that I sometimes go for bold looks or statement clothing items, I generally opt for simpler styles and just spice them up with lots of fun additions. Hats, sunglasses, jewelry- you know this about me! But after years of curating a diverse collection of goodies, I’ve realized you don’t always have to hit the shops to reinvent your look. As much as I love some good old retail therapy, I will admit it’s a fun challenge to take things I always wear a certain way (or haven’t worn at all in years) and use them differently to create a more updated outfit.

Today, I’m wearing a crisp, white button-down with leather pants. I love that these days, people are more comfortable with leather pants for daywear. Growing up, I saw them as a symbol of something much more edgy, like clubbing and concert-going. But pairing them with an item as formal as a button down shirt changes the vibe, and my oversized cardigan moderates the feel too. It’s super comfy and adds some much-needed warmth on this sunny, but wintery day. As it happens, I felt like this outfit could still use a bit more simultaneous chic and edge, hence the sky high heels and suede fringe bag.

My favorite accessory of the outfit, as usual, is the hat, but it’s actually the scarf I’m most sentimental about. It’s a silk one that my dad brought me from trip to China at least 15 years ago. I can always count on it for a pop of color, plus its vintage print and original texture always draws in some attention. I generally consider a scarf and a hat in one outfit to be overly accessorizing, but this one has such a subtle look and light feel that it totally works! By the way, in the time I’ve had this scarf, it’s totally made the rounds. (My husband even wears it in his sport coat pocket sometimes and it breaks up what could’ve been a bland, corporate look.)

So, don’t be hesitant to dig through your accessories drawer. Play up your trusted staples and you’ll see it’s possible to refresh your style without splurging. Hope you have as much fun as I did!

Neshikot= xx

BAG: Rebecca Minkoff (similar) ; HAT: Janessa Leone ; SCARF: DVF (similar) ; SHIRT: Zara (similar); CARDIGAN: Just Female 50% off! ; PANTS: H&M (similar) ; BOOTS: Vince Camuto (similar)





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