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As you know, Noam and I chose not to find out the sex of the baby this pregnancy - we're very excited for the gender reveal post-birth to be a big surprise! The boys, too, can't wait to find out if they will be getting a new brother or sister. That being said, it's the first time we made the decision to wait, and it seems that everywhere I go, everyone around us is telling me what they think I'm having.

I've been getting a lot of gender predictions from friends, family, salespeople, random women on the street - you name it! As such, I decided to do some research on these 'old wives' tales' and check out the predictions for myself. These are the five I looked into, to give us some clues as to whether a baby boy or girl is on the way:

1) If the belly is round, it's a girl. If the belly is pointed, it's a boy. Hmm... My belly started to be pronounced, but I do feel a certain roundness on the sides of my back - love handles, if you will. :) Some women have told me they think I'm having a girl because of the shape, but it's pretty difficult for me to see the difference!! If you have a thought on this, let me know under one of my Instagram pics - @diklagoren / @girlplustwo.

2) The Chinese gender predictor calendar says... you can take the month in which you conceived, and your age when you conceived, and it creates an algorithm to figure out if you're having a boy or girl. Let's do the math, shall we? I was 34 and the month was November so it says I'm having a girl. I did this for my other two kids, and if the Chinese gender predictor is accurate, my first son would have been a girl! So, maybe we'll hold off on the gender based off of this one ;).

3) The ring string tests says... you hold a ring on a string by the belly and the rumor has it that if you're carrying your baby high, it's a girl; if you're carrying low, it's likely a boy. Another version of the test shows that if the ring swings in a circle, you can expect a boy and if it swings back and forth, you can expect a girl. I had my husband help me out with this theory and we found the result to be that we are expecting a boy!

4) Skin During Pregnancy They say that girls steal your beauty and boys don't. Although I don't have acne during pregnancies, I definitely feel as if I look worse than before. Maybe that's pregnancy brain talking but that shows a leaning towards the Baby being a girl, doesn't it?!

5) Cravings, Cravings, Cravings I had an insane craving for lychees for the first few months of my pregnancy. But now, I have no cravings at all. What could cravings be an indication of, gender-wise?! They say that salty cravings trend towards expecting a boy and sweet cravings trend toward expecting a girl. Hmm...this one's tough, too. Do fruit cravings mean it's a girl?! What about the fact that I have no cravings anymore? Who knows!

As you can see, while these gender prediction theories are pretty fun, it's quite hard to actually make a final call based off of these theories alone. I guess our little Dekel crew (and everyone else who's been sharing their predictions!) will just have to wait until August. Until then, we keep the excitement going!






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