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Many people have asked me how I manage 2 kids in NYC and a blog without any help, or actually what's my secret... Let me tell you, it’s no easy feat!

For starters, we have no nanny or babysitter that can give us an extra hand; and as you all know, all of our family is in Israel- which means "dropping the kids off for a night" here and there isn't an option at all... (Sounds like a dream to me!) Sometimes I just wish I had my parents around for a couple of hours a month. But seriously, by now, Noam and I are really used to it, and the most important ways to succeed are an excellent partner and a good schedule. I'm not a morning person at all and I always do the night shifts (checking on the boys), so thank god my husband is. He wakes up with them which gives me 30 more minutes in bed...he also does the school drop offs, while I pick them up after school. Last week they started their summer vacation, so we had a little break in the usual routine, but are back to normal since camp started yesterday.

Right after they leave the house I have time for myself to enjoy coffee. After relaxing with a steamy cup of my favorite brew (fine, only for a few minutes haha), I am left with less than 5 hours to: clean the kids’ breakfasts and the rest of the house, check through my email and get some work done, and most importantly, to cook so they have a warm late lunch/dinner on the table when they get back home. Usually, after I pick them up from school/camp we stay an hour or so outside so they have a bit more time to play with their friends. I always carry snacks with me, but not too many because I still want them to be hungry for dinner when we get back home. Noam really tries to be home by 5, but some days he doesn’t come back until 8 or 9. Another household job he has is doing the grocery shopping, which is super important, and I do not have time for it. The kids- especially Ori - will be in bed by 7-7:30, but Yuli will get 30 extra minutes...well yeah, he is the oldest:)

Since we don't really have a sitter that the kids have known forever, or someone we can trust enough to give the kids baths and dinner, Noam and I will have a date night once or twice a month only after the kids are already in bed... One Friday morning, when I was so tired and desperately needed some quiet time with him, ( just the two of us… walking around half-dressed at home, and making breakfast together.... like a rom-com) I was trying to convince him to drop the kids off at school and come back… (I know how desperate this sounds lol) Well, unfortunately I didn't succeed since he had a meeting that day. No worries though, I will surely try again! ;) I think the fact that we don't have a 3rd person to assist a little bit makes our clan and family very strong… because we learn to rely on ourselves and each other for support. But don't get me wrong; if you hear of anyone let me know… not sure I will be able to do it with 3 kids!!! Omg!

Here are some cute pics from July 4th weekend.

The boys are wearing ZARA, my top and necklace TOP SHOP, pants Legoe maternity

Neshikot= Xx





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