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The classic white button down shirt. Everyone has at least one in their closet, and mine has been sitting there plainly for a while so I thought I would give it some attention. There is so much you can do with it, and with the right accessories, it can easily be worn on a daily basis!

First look; Wear to Work

For my first look, I paired it with ripped jeans and a blazer and to make the look more chic, I put on black pumps and a choker for a perfect wear-to-work look. Moms always tell me that they never pull out their white shirts around the kids because it will never stay clean, and women who use them as a staple are considered "brave" LOL, so this look I'm dedicating for them:-)

Second look; LA Girl aka Morning Drop offs

In the second look, I’m wearing white converse and a dark denim shirt wrapped around my waist for a more comfy, sporty look. This is a perfect go-to for morning drop offs at school when I have to run out the door with hardly any time to get myself ready! To all you busy moms out there who deal with the morning rush on a daily basis, I owe my look to the white button down!

Third look; Just Because

For my final look, I went with an edgy vibe that I absolutely love! I started by putting a black graphic tee on top. When you try this look, make sure your white shirt is longer than the tee you put on top of it so you see the white contrast from underneath. I paired this with my leather leggings, denim jacket, and favorite studded booties because after all, it is still winter weather and I needed a cute way to stay warm ;)

These are my favorite looks for the classic white shirt. I used to see it as a staple that was just a boring piece in my closet but it has now gained a whole new light! My white shirt is so versatile that I will be wearing it a lot more often!

Stay tuned for new styling options especially now that spring is here!

Neshikot= Xx





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