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Pinch me, please! I never thought something like this would be asked of me. Of course, I’ve always had dreams of collaborating with a fashion company in some major way, but never did I ever think it’d be with one of the oldest, most well-known, and affordable family fashion brands in the world. As you can imagine, I was absolutely thrilled when Old Navy decided to pursue a collaboration with me and my family. Sometimes, I think I’m still dreaming that this actually happened!

You may have caught a few of the behind-the-scenes photos and clips from our time shooting with the brand out in California on my Instagram a few weeks ago. All five of us Dekels flew out West to be involved in a fun photoshoot campaign. We went through several all-matching looks and mix-and-match, using Old Navy clothing and accessories. In fact, our shoot was actually inspired by my personal Instagram aesthetic – we do love ourselves a matchy-matchy family pic … at least for as long as my kids will let me indulge in this! I still can’t believe that my personal style inspired Old Navy in some way! It was a very special experience for me, to see the five of us doing what we love to do anyway - this time, working with such a conglomerate.

While the kids did wonderfully and looked oh so cute in the pieces, it wasn’t without a bit of a rocky start. Of course, this is to be expected. It was their first major photoshoot ever! Yuli, who’s 7, is a bit over the whole “take-a-picture-of-me” thing; but, once the crew on set started giving him small ‘jobs’ and choices (pick out your favorite x,y,z; can you make your sister laugh? And the like), he felt super important and became very excited about his contribution to the campaign. Ori, our little rockstar, is always a bundle of energy. He didn’t love sitting still for some of the first photos. But, once he was able to play around and have fun for the action shots, he got into it, too. Even my little Romi, who was a bit shy at the beginning, was completely killing it as the shoot days went on! I was so proud of my kids and grateful to have their and Noam’s support throughout this exciting week. They are definitely comfortable in front of the camera (“thankfully,” this mama blogger who features them in her photos on the daily, whispers to herself).

One of my absolute favorite pieces was the Women’s Secret Slim Pocket Denim. Mamas, let me tell you: these are a mother’s dream. They fit me like a glove – no love handles, or muffin top running over the waistband – they somehow covered the parts of me that don’t always make me feel my best post three pregnancies, if you know what I mean...! So comfy I can wear them rolled up with sneakers by day and pair with a blazer and sexy stiletto by night! I felt really sexy in these bottoms. While I once thought of Old Navy as just a family brand, mostly basics, now I know that they have a true winner in the women’s jeans department, and it’s a total yes from me.

​The mix and match pieces for my kiddos ran the gamut – t-shirts, denim, dresses, plaid flannels (I’m a sucker for plaid flannels myself!) – all super well-priced, great quality, and fun to wear and mix with other pieces we already own. I especially love the cute tops with fun slogans on them – these are great for school!

​This may have been the first major brand collab for us Dekels, but I sure hope it isn’t the last! I loved repping a true all-American brand and being part of the Old Navy tradition. Have you mamas purchased all of your back-to-school clothes yet? Where are you shopping for your kids and for yourselves? Let me know, and seriously: check out those Slim Pock Denim jeans from Old Navy. You will thank me!






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