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No matter how long I’ve lived in New York, I am always finding new restaurants to try, exhibits to attend, parks to picnic, and boutiques to shop. It’s impossible to get bored of such a wondrous city – and it’s one of the reasons we feel so fortunate to be living here and raising our kids in the capital of the world. Well, friends…even though Israel may be one of the smallest countries (now I’m wondering how its size compares to New York…I’ll have to Google that and get back to you!), it is impossible to get bored of it. Even as a native, each time I go back to visit my family, I find myself discovering new art, the latest food crazes, popping culture, and the trendiest hotels sprouting up around me. This makes me smile – God, I love this country and the beauty in it.

At the tail-end of our recent trip to Israel, before we jetted off to the City of Love (aka Paris) and then back home to NYC for our normal routine, we got to spend a wonderful family weekend together at the Herods Hotel Herzilya. It was our first time staying at this specific spot, and boy, were we impressed. The hotel is located in a bit of a remote part of Herzilya, on an island of sorts, with a gorgeous beach close by. The marina down the way provided a beautiful backdrop of boats for our family sunset walk – the kids always marvel at boats, since we don’t see many in New York unless we’re out on Long Island. Especially little Romi always yells, “a boat, a boat!!!” each time she sees one. And this marina housed a lot of them!

The kids had their own room in our suite, which was super helpful for all of us and allowed for us to keep in line with sleep routines and bedtimes. Plus, the extra space came in handy when the kids woke up early and wanted to play and run around a bit before getting dressed and ready for breakfast.

Oh yes, that Israeli breakfast! You probably already know by now from my Instagram posts of my mama’s breakfasts and our Israeli hotel breakfasts that Israel goes all out for the morning meal. You know that saying, right… “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” – well, Israel does this so very well. Israeli breakfasts are extravagant and decadent – bagels, eggs, French toast, pizza, hummus, fruit, smoothies, puff pastries, waffles, yogurt, espresso, salad…I could go on and on. And, Israeli hotel breakfasts are all-you-can-eat. And we ate all we could! They’re also easy for a family of five, since there is undoubtedly something that every person will enjoy – no whining or complaining or indecisiveness here at these breakfast meals for us. ☺

Our Dekel crew is also a big sucker for pools. We’re always trying pools out in the City (one of our favorites is at the Dominick hotel in TriBeca), and the Herod’s pool did not disappoint. The kids loved spending afternoons out there swimming and splashing around – Yuli knows how to swim pretty well for an 8 year old and is always watchful of Ori, who is learning. It’s the cutest thing, seeing their brotherly love! We also walked along the beach several times that weekend, which Noam and I love, since it reminds us of our childhood, spending weekends in the sand, watching the waves come in, and playing outside in the sun. Beaches, too, are harder to find for New Yorkers, without taking a bit of a drive to the suburbs.

All in all, our weekend at the Herod’s hotel was the perfect way to usher in the Jewish New Year. It was sweet, relaxing, enjoyable, and filled with happiness all around! These are all of the wishes I have for all of you for the coming year. May this year be filled with happiness, health, success, and love for all! Thank you for being alongside me on this motherhood and blogger journey- I am grateful to all of you! Much love <3

Neshikot= xx





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