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Most of the clothing in my closet is one of three uniform colors. You can always find the navies, whites and blacks featured front and center. When I saw this romper at Urban outfitters ,I knew I had to own it (it's actually on SALE now!). I needed this one piece to completley refresh my summer 15' wardrobe. It's a black piece (again...) BUT the floral embroidery is simply amazing and takes all the focuse. The fabric is as soft as it gets and it truly is the perfect piece for a relaxing morning with my family. Onto the shoes... I bought theses Toga Pulla boots last winter and they are so incredibly comfortable- perhaps even the most comfortable boots I own! I love love love buckles (they just add a little something extra to any garment!) and wear these shoes all the time (and even better, they go with everything!).

Then there's the Rebecca Minkoff clutch, pictured here. I received this beautiful leather piece as a gift from my husband three years ago, and every single time I wear it out, I get an insane amount of compliments. (Thanks, Noam!)

All in all, I had a very successful day! My team officially opened up the @GirlPlusTwo instagram account, which is very exciting for the growth of this brand. While you are all invited to continue following me on my personal instagram @DiklaGoren, don't forget to start following the brand's account for the latest and greatest on Fashion and Style from your favorite Mediterranean Mama! :)

Whishing you all a great, relaxing weekend!

Neshikot= Xx





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