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IT'S A ...?!?!

For those of you who are here because you’ve been following my pregnancy journey… are you ready to find out the gender of our 4th child?! Noam and I have been waiting and wondering for the last 4.5 months!! We’ve just been dying to rip open the envelope that’s been sitting on our countertop (the only person who had seen what was written on the inside was my photographer. Once, when he came by to take a few pictures I asked him to take a peek and send the news to Lovely Events NYC so they could make everything including the confetti and the cake!)

It’s funny, because with our boys we really wanted to find out the gender right away. We didn’t even consider waiting lol. As soon as it was possible for us to know, we checked, but we never did any gender reveal parties. With Romi, we didn’t make any attempt to find out her gender before she was born. It was a wonderful surprise when she came out and we got to meet her for the first time! I guess we had sort of just assumed she would be another boy. You know how it is… when you have two boys you just get used to the idea of having boys… so we didn’t feel like we were in any kind of rush to know.

But this time, all of us were so eager to know whether Romi would have a girlfriend for life or whether Yuli and Ori would be adding another member to their soccer team! We decided to do a gender reveal party for the first time, because we wanted to have a chance to celebrate at every step of the way with our friends, family, and of course, all of you out there!

So now the day has finally come, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce…… IT’S A GIRL!!!

We are so incredibly grateful!! Words can barely describe how blessed we feel. First, to be having another girl, and second, that we were able to celebrate and make these truly amazing memories together! It’s such a relief to finally find out… we feel like now we know just a little bit more about who our baby’s going to be. But of course, we’re even more excited to meet her in January!!

I think it goes without saying that although we’ve all be dying to know what was written inside that envelope, the most important thing to us is that the newest, cutest member of our tribe will be healthy. We are so ready to shower her with all of our love!

A huge thank you to Lovely Events NYC who organized this beautiful event! (you can also see them on instagram ) I literally had no idea how amazing the decorations and everything would be, and I was so surprised when I saw it all put together! We had such a gorgeous cake and incredible decorations and they took care of it all! I also need to thank my wonderful photographer @flytographer, who totally saved me when I needed someone to come on such short notice! They sent Armando to capture the event and he was absolutely perfect!

Last, but not least… from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all who are following and continuing to share in our immense happiness! You are all a part of this wonderful journey and I’m so excited to keep sharing these meaningful moments with you.







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