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Flying with Kids: My Life-Saving Guide

Hey all!

Hope you have enjoyed your summers and are looking forward to a fun fall. I find that I always need a trip to look forward to when summer comes to a close. We were in Tel Aviv and Paris recently , and that flight was no joke! 12 hours of nonstop flight time with three kids can be brutal. If done the wrong way, it can result in tantrums, cranky kids and sleep-deprived parents. If you are armed with the right materials, the flight can actually be kind of relaxing.

So many of my friends have yet to travel with their kids because they are so afraid of the flight. What will happen if their toddler starts to cry? How will they deal with the hours of sitting still? Well, I’ve had a few years of experience in this field and this is how I survive plane rides with my kiddos.

1. New toys are best. It gives the kid something new and exciting to play with, and it will keep them entertained for longer. We got theses toy soldiers a few days before our flights to Israel and the boys were so obsessed with them. (also here's Romi's favorite puzzle lately... she plays with it everyday(!) but it's too heavy to carry on the plane.)

2. WapWap Travel pillow. WOW what a life-saver. We got one for each kid and it’s an amazing solution to those uncomfortable airplane seats. It is an inflatable pillow that fills the legroom gap and turns the seat into a flatbed. Romi slept the majority of our flights to Tel Aviv in this pillow and she looked super comfortable. (And also Noam lol!)

3. Comfortable headphones. The free plane headphones are never a safe bet. I recommend purchasing a pair of good kid-friendly headphones so they can comfortably watch their favorites shows and movies on an iPad.

4. Diaper changing mat. We’re past this stage, but it was such a necessity when Romi was still using diapers. Having a stocked diaper bag with all of your necessities is key.

5. Comfy socks and blankets. Make sure your little ones are as cozy as possible with warm socks and a soft blanket from home. This will ensure they sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

6. A great hydrating gel mask for mom! I love popping on a sheet mask or an ultra-hydrating face lotion so that I land with my skin glowing rather than looking like a sleep-deprived mom of three. Once the kids are set up with their games, comfy clothes and blankets, it’s time for me to sit back and relax.

As long as you remain calm, your kids will remain calm! Travel can be stressful but take the extra time and steps you need to make your flight as enjoyable as possible.







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