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Can you believe it's already Monday?! And, this heat! Hope you're all drinking lots of water and soaking up that AC.

Last week was super busy on my end, since I worked a ton on my brand with my team. My husband was also slammed at the office and didn't even return home until 11 some evenings. There's no slacking in the Dekel house in the summer! But, truthfully, I couldn't wait for the weekend to come so that I could spend time with my husband and two boys, all of us together with no distractions.

We spent a relaxing Saturday in the park, playing in the grass and just hanging out. These are the best kinds of days for our family! My older son, Yuli, couldn't wait for his little brother, Ori, to get a bit older so that the two can play together. That day has finally come, though. And, they're the cutest (not like I'm biased or anything!)!

Now, onto the kid's clothing, pictured here...I love to shop at Two Kids and a Dog, an amazing children's boutique right here in Dumbo. It's a really cute store and they have the most unique pieces! (Yuli loves theses cool Shark sneakers!) They have many things on SALE now and you should definitely check out their website. I never ever dress the boys in the same outfits (haha), but since my two boys were born here I found it really cute to dress them up with this brooklyn bridge fire truck piece.

We don't have too many family pictures of the 4 of us, so it's about time we got some good shots! Hope you enjoy this little peek into Dekel family Saturdays.

Neshikot= XX

BTW I'm wearing this simply but perfect(!) top from Stateside. Check it out below.





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