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Forgive me in advance for the cliche, but my boys are everything to me. Amidst the business of work and appointments, I often find myself mentally thinking about our fun family time (with their daddy too, of course!), and the perfect setup for my favorite Dekel playtime!

Speaking of playtime… The other day, my assistant asked what workouts I do to get toned arms (she's pretty obsessed with bar class right now!) I told her that playing with my kids is the best workout there is! Keeping up with their games and picking them up is quite the exercise trip each day. Do any of you beautiful moms with kids feel the same way?!

It's Monday (again…!) and I find myself caught between reminiscing about the weekend we had and Sunday play- day… I'm already TBT-ing real hard to yesterday's ice cream share. We enjoyed two cones- Chocolate and a Strawberry- and I actually think the fun in the sun ice cream day is a good analogy for my kids. They are both so different but each one of them is so sweet! :-)

Onto the kid's clothing, pictured here... they are from Two Kids and a Dog, my favorite children's boutique right here in Dumbo. They have many things on SALE now.

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Neshikot= Xx





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