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I've known my husband, Noam, since we were little kids. Believe it or not, his cousin was my neighbor growing up, and played in a high school rock band with my brother. Noam would come visit the band often, and I always noticed him - this cute guy from across the road.

We went out just a few times during high school, and a few years later we were together again for a short period of time. But, five years ago, our connection was renewed. In fact, I took a huge leap of faith and moved to New York from Israel. The things we do for potential love...!

My first few months in New York were crazy, in a good way of course, to say the least. The falling in love part was even crazier - the two of us were together all the time, pretty much inseparable. Three months into the renewal of our relationship, I got pregnant. And, exactly one year after my life-changing transition to the big City (approximately 4 years ago), my son Yuli was born. Not too many years after, our second son Ori arrived, too!

Due to the distance of both of our families (our parents and siblings are all in Israel) and the lack of scheduled nanny-help, we spend all of our non-work time with the kids in tow and barely any on ourselves. Sounds like many of you beautiful moms, I'm sure!

Next month, for the first time in 5 years, we're going on our first vacation together, just the two of us! I know, I know...cue the awws (haha). My parents (aka Saba and Savta) are coming from Israel to watch our boys and let us two adults recharge.

I already feel like I'm going crazy getting ready! Beyond that, I feel like I don't even remember what it's like to be just us two. And, even more pressing on my mind, is how I'll be thinking about my kids the entire time! You better believe I'm very excited, though!

Here are a few pictures of Noam and me from our past vacations. Though the bulk of our pictures have the kids present, too, I was able to dig up a few winners from said past vacations. It was not an easy task to find ones of just us two, but I hope you enjoy them. I won't spill the beans as to where we're heading to in August, but I will hint that it's somewhere warm. What do you think I should definitely pack with me?! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Thursday XX





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