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Some days, you know right from the start that it's going to be long and jam-packed... When there won't be any real time to regroup between activities from morning to night. For me, today is definitely one of those days!

From taking the kids to and from camp (and all that that entails!) and running pre-weekend errands to catching up with my bestie visiting from Israel and preparing for tomorrow's photoshoot (not to mention, working!), this Friday is filled. Luckily, I'm wearing the perfect outfit to keep me going, no-transition required, for the next many hours.

The entire outfit hails from, a favorite website of mine. Literally, half of my closet is pulled from there! The clothing part of this uber-soft ensemble (you could wrap a baby in the material this dress is made of!) is a Lovers+ Friends original, the Hannah Midi Dress to be specific. It's casual and modest enough for a day outdoors, yet stylish and chic enough for dinner and drinks post-busy day. And, I absolutely love the atypical stripe colors - definitely a win, in my book.

My illesteva Leonard shades (correction: my one of many pairs of illesteva shades!) take any look to the next level. The silver mirrored screens block sun out and keep coolness in. And, silver and black are perfect matches for any outfit's color scheme, isn't that right?!

Next, let's take the look down to my Schutz Keleia heels. I LOVE these. I'm definitely a shoe person, and the little something extra on the straps of this pair make me want to wear these with everything.

Rebecca Minkoff wins again with this Mini Fringe Crossbody - such a simple accessory, with the anti upped from the fringe accent. This definitely helps the outfit seamlessly make its way from morning to night.

I'm heading out for the day now, but you can catch me on @girlplustwo & @diklagoren, as always!

Stay cool, and enjoy the start to your weekend,

Neshikot= Xx





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