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Even though it's already August (WHAT!), I plan to savor every last bit of this gorgeous, relaxing, and fun season. From metallic shades and oversized hats to off-the-shoulder looks and teeny string bikinis - my summer look is easy and attainable for any fashionable lady! Check out my top picks below and let me know what you think! (PS: feel free to shop my look with the click of a button, below!)


Most of my sunglasses are black or brown framed. But, these white sunnies really stuck out to me. The light pink contrast of the glass adds a unique flare and the neutral tones match any summer look.

2. Summer Straw Hat

You can never have too many sun hats, right?! Not only do these wide-brimmed looks cover your face and protect your beautiful skin from the sun, but they also up the classiness of any summer beach look. Plus, this one transitions seamlessly to a day of errands, since the black straw goes with just about anything. P.S. it's actually on SALE!!!

3. Double Pearl Ring (Wanderlust+ Co)

I'm a sucker for rings, especially those with detail. This one is simple yet fun with the extra pearls one each side. Plus, I love that the ring doesn't close fully - this adds a bit of edginess to the piece as a whole.

4. C/MEO

Tell me you're not obsessed with the front bow detail on this skirt and I won't believe you! The length is ideal - not too long or short, the half high waist of the bow is a new take on the look, and the overall denim can go either way for day or night. Basically, a 10 in my book.

5. Black?

Whoever said black shoes are only for winter is no friend of mine! These Kate Spade sandals are chill, fashionable, and Again, the fringe is in and rules the overall look of the shoe. The tan bottom detail provides a nice contrast to the black suede, and allows wearers to pair the sandals with a great number of outfit color options.

6.Forever white

I love everything about this look, but I must admit this dress is a little bit tricky to pull off. Fear not, beautiful readers, you can do it! You just have to wear this piece with the right accesories to get a cool vibe. I adore off-the-sholder looks, as they prove great for summer days AND nights . This one right here is a Twin Sister Midi Dress, and I can't wait to see how you pull it off!

7. Rebecca Minkoff - Crossbody

PSA PSA PSA: FRINGE IS BACK FOR FALL! What does this mean?! I can transition this white Rebecca Minkoff crossbody into the upcoming season when I'm done pairing it with everything (yes, everything) this summer. Win win win.

8. My favorite part of the summer heat: BIKINIS. I would wear one all day, every day if it was socially acceptable! I love the watermelon-color vibes that this string suit gives off, in contrast with the black undertone. Perfect beach look right here! see both pieces here: TOP and BUTTOM

And here they are all again...





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