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Long summer days, sweetly crafted cocktails, and pastel backless looks are three parts to the perfect recipe for a wonderful warm-weather afternoon. This is precisely how my husband and I spent our Sunday with our close friend who is visiting from abroad, and boy was it relaxing! Allow me to elaborate on our weekend...

First, the long summer days. As you might know by now, our family really takes advantage of outdoor playtime. Whether that translates into a trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park or a walk along the bridge, we Dekels love our family time in the sun. On Saturday, we even bought whole watermelons and devoured them in the park! You may have seen the @girlplustwo Instagram - we truly couldn't decide if my little Ori or the fresh watermelon was sweeter! (All of our decisions should be that tough, am I right?!) The same goes for couples playtime with Noam. We love semi- outdoor bars, like the one pictured here - (Nomo Kitchen), which provide recluse from the often unbearable heat yet keep the feel of summer throughout the season. I'd love to hear about your favorite summer spots, too!

Next, the sweetly crafted cocktails. I love a good signature drink, and anything with Lemon and mint in it is my favorite. I don't drink that often, only when out with friends or at a party/birthday etc, but when I do, I make sure to savor the beverage and choose one that fits the season and allows me to savor the moment.

Finally, my favorite part of the whole look - my baby blue backless top. I've been waiting all summer to wear this out, and think that the look vibes super well with the chic bar scene. I've always been a huge fan of the croptop, but lately I find myself pulling more backless looks, too, to round out my summer wardrobe. My only rule for going backless? Nothing too scandalous! You should surely feel free to show a bit of skin, but keep the overall look classy.

This piece is from BCBG and I love the soft fabric! I saw the ring online, and fell inlove... I love the colors and it's actually on SALE now! The shorts I bought 3 years ago (similar here) and the bag I got from Noam (probably 3 years ago or so) ,He always buys good gifts!:-) The nude sunnies goes with many outfits, and I use them often (similar here).

OK, enough reminiscing about the weekend...It's making me miss the down time too too much! I'm off to pick up the kids and try out some new healthy recipes. Stay tuned for an exciting week filled with giveaway sneak peeks. As always, follow @girlplustwo for the day-to-day scoop on our adventures. Have an amazing start to your week!

Neshikot = Xx





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