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LOVing my MelissaLovy Jewelry

While it goes without saying that I love clothes, I absolutely adore accessories - especially unique pieces of jewelry. Whether it's a statement ring or an extra long-chained necklace, a tiered bangle or a cuffed earring, I go for it all to jazz up any outfit in one way or another. Enter: Melissa Lovy collection.

The designer, a chic jewelry guru (and fellow hot mama >>check out her Instagram @melissalovy!) gifted me with the stunning pieces pictured here. I've been pretty obsessed with wearing each of them - especially since her line can withstand the hectic life of a mom who's always shuttling kiddies from place to place (and arm to arm!). And, her pieces are so fun and trendy, not to mention they easily match everything.

Let's start at the top, shall we? How adorably chic is this pretzel charm necklace? I love the gold tone, long length, and casual vibe (though the extended length and sparkly additions allow for the piece to be worn out at night, too). I also made some of my own fashionable modifications and changed up the length, too. I've been getting a ton of compliments on this piece specifically, even from my two boys! And, I've been wearing it every day (guilty as charged). Winning piece, for sure.

Next, the Winn necklace. I was told this was a fan favorite of the ML collection, and now I know why! The understated piece sparkles to its own rhythm and perfectly dresses up a white tank and shorts while also upping the fanciness of a night out dress. Plus, the lighter tone all around contrasts my Mediterranean skin.

Moving down to bracelets... a great open-style bangle is the perfect addition to any outfit. It moves and shakes according to the pieces that surround it, and the Avery is no exception! Again, I'm digging the silver and lighter stone tones, since the look matches my lighter wardrobe choices and looks even classier worn out at night.

Finally (my favorites!), the rings. The Juliet ring in turquoise is a great piece - especially given that the specific shade of blue present in the ring is one of my favorites. I've been wearing this ring daily in contrast with my wedding band and engagement ring, and really love the pop it brings to my other hand. I rotate between rocking this piece on my thumb and pointer finger - and both hold their respective levels of edge and chicness.

If you couldn't already tell, I really dig the Melissa Lovy Collection! The designer designs for fashionable women like herself (and a host of celebs, as her Insta shows) who are on-the-go and working it, day in and day out. I'm currently coveting a bunch of pieces from her fall line, so it looks like I'm about to do some hardcore shopping a la ML! Have a great day and get excited for some giveaways!

XX from the newest #LovyLady






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