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As crazy as this will's been two years since my last time in the Hamptons. I say this is crazy, only because it seems like everyone heads out east on summer weekends to escape the haze and leave the City heat behind. Plus, it's just so darn nice and relaxing to get out there, amongst the pools and greenery and away from the hustle and bustle, that a trip out east was long overdue for our little family.

One of our good friends from Australia, Gal, is visiting the US 'on holiday' as he terms it (otherwise known as vacation to us American folk ;)), and decided to celebrate his birthday at a friend's house in Bridgehampton, hence the excuse for going. The past weekend's mornings were spent in the pool drinking Rose' and the evenings were spent barbecuing and hanging outdoors as the night cooled.

My two boys sure had a blast, too! Yuli, our 4 year old, was in the water all day, splashing around and soaking it all in. And, Ori, our 1 year old, agreed to play in the water...but only when I held him tightly! You know how little ones can be in the pool, right mamas?

Speaking of the pool...I'm obsessed with my new Tularosa swimsuit. You may have seen my post on the @girlplustwo Instagram --- I'm pretty sure I wore it all weekend long! The pattern is chic and girly, the cut flattering to any body type. It's actually really sexy...:-)

We just got back into the City, and it's time to hit the ground running for the new week ahead. I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend - wherever you spent it! I'd love to hear your thoughts about my new bathing suit, on @girlplustwo 's Instagram, and on mine @diklagoren! And, let me know what you're all wearing water-side these last few weeks of summer!






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