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One of my favorite things about being a young female entrepreneur is getting the privilege to meet other young, talented women who are following their entrepreneurial dreams and making great strides in their areas of business. I get such a rush from women supporting other women as they reach their goals and kick-ass while doing it!

One of my favorite designers of the moment (well, many moments, seeing as they continue to get crazy worth-it amounts of love for their trending designs and creative spirit!) is ash&dans. The scarf turned scarf +baby blanket turned scarf+baby+blanket+ home accessories brand is killing it on all fronts of the fashion industry right now.

The two designers, Ashley and Danielle, gave both me and my baby, Ori, these beautiful pieces. The Bright Abstract Silk Scarf is the perfect piece of neckwear for summer AND fall - a definite win in my book, seeing as I love a piece that has multi-season use. Also, the colors of this particular scarf jazz up a whole spectrum of outfits -- from black/white/neutrals to blue jeans and a red-family colored top. I've already worn the accessory out, paired with my new hat, a gift from our Australian friend who works in Creatives at Gucci, and I can't wait to pair it with a chunky sweater and fall coat. The silk material also ups the classy and fancy of an otherwise simply printed piece. Definite plus.

Ori, too, adores his new a&d Baby Boy Blankie, since it truly is one of the softest baby accessories I've ever felt. Being wrapped up in the softest of materials puts little Ori right to sleep. Well that, a bottle, and some bedtime routine-ing! The piece is also reversible - navy on one side and cerulean on the other - which keeps the fashion ever-changing whenever this Mediterranean mama is up for something different. And, I even used the blanket as a cover up post-pool in the Hamptons last week, and it worked like a charm.

OK, I'm signing off now for a weekend of family and food! My parents are comking today (yay!!!) And, yes, I'll definitely be wearing my a&d multiple times (#guilty). Love the brand as much as I do?! Look out for a giveaway coming from us to you next month!






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