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Once September hits New York, the season of in-between weather officially begins. Every morning, upon waking up, it's necessary to check the weather app, open the shades, and stand out on my terrace for a good five minutes to assess what the appropriate outfit of choice is for the temps of the day. No matter what I do choose to wear, I always end up either pining for a chunky additional layer or wishing I had worn shorter bottoms. Except when it comes to the long-sleeve romper. This clothing article, unique in it's sleeve length/shorts cut combo, is the perfect in-between ensemble, and proves so time and time again.

Take the outfit pictured here: let's take it apart, shall we? The focal point is, of course, said long-sleeve romper. This MLM Label number, which boasts a relaxed striped patter, is light and airy, yet covers me up enough to serve as a solid outfit for slightly cooler days. I love the cut, especially with regards to the high waist band, which causes the shorts portion of the romper to appear longer and fuller. The v-neck top half also flatters my upper body, especially balancing out the longer sleeves.

These booties - my Toga Pulla favorites (similar here) - make any outfit chicer, wouldn't you agree? I wear them practically every day, no matter the weather or outfit choice. They're comfortable, cool, and the added quadruple-buckle effect wows every time. And, the fact that they're black just means they have the innate benefit of matching everything they're paired with. Not bad, not bad at all.

Moving on to my little clutch ... wait, it's a clutch AND a cross-body BTW (we know how much I love accessories that double in their uses!). Used here in clutch form, the black reptile print provides a classy feel, yet undeniably stark contrast, to the relaxed light-colored romper and buckled booties. The matching bonus, again, comes with the fact that it's black and pairs well with everything else going on in the look.

The last piece that ties it all together, my Illesteva shades. They never fail! My favorite pair, pictured here, brighten up any outfit, fancy or casual, with their metallic lenses and speckled rims. And, they withstand anything. I should know, given that my boys can knock to the floor and throw just about anything around!

Fall is on its way, sooner than any of us imagined. I'll still be wearing my long-sleeve rompers until my weather app/shade pulls/terrace temp feeling sessions show that below 40 and snow is on its way. Like I said, I'm a sucker for the long-sleeve romper. You won't get me out of 'em until the last minute!

Neshikot= Xx





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