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This Fall, I'm bringing a weekly dose of special style to you with my new Wednesday Trendsday column. It's a tester column (so feel free to send your thoughts my seriously, speak up!) to share my top three trends of the week and hear about the looks that each of you are pining for. Think of it as a hot-list, if you will, filled with all of the products and styles I deem necessary to stock my [already-overfull] closet with. From signature pieces and colorful sunnies to hats and lace-ups/pumps/sneaks galore - get excited for what's to come. I sure as heck am excited to wear it all!

1- Trenchcoat - this signature piece should go without saying. It's a staple. No matter the color or cut (though I prefer the tan & olive family and mid-length version), the trench carries a woman all through fall -for fashion- and rainy days- for, well, the weather. Easily paired with a colorful scarf and/or a structured hat, this coat elongates the body, works well with layers, and makes you feel about as fall as a steaming Pumpkin Spice Latte (hold the foam).

2- Bucket Bags - I'm a mom. My kids are amazing, adorable people. But, they're also messy and require snacks on the hour and multiple trips to the park per day. The other mamas out there know what I'm talking about! As such, the Bucket bag is the perfect fashionable carryall, accommodating both my needs and those of my boys. And, the schoolgirl feel takes me right back to the 90s - always a fashion plus, if you ask me!

3- Pleated Skirt - Speaking of the 90s...Pleats are back in, ladies, especially when worn with tights, high booties, and at a length that falls between thigh and knee (after all, I am a mama!). I'm dreaming of caramel colors, grays, and of course, black. And, I'm not opposed to wool or tweed (velvet's caught my eye too!). Basically, I'm all about the pleated short skirts this season. The best part about this basic? It can be easily worn all through the cold winter that promises to push its way through in full force.

What do you think of these three items? Would you wear them this season? I'd love to know what you think! Look out for next week's trend-sighting!






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