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Let me preface what I'm about to say by admitting that you might call said upcoming fashion remark cliche...and, I'm okay with that! Here goes...! One of the best parts about the temps actually becoming seasonal (Hellllo, October!) is the changeover in footwear to boots. Whether combat, chelsea, knee-high or over-the-knee - boots season excites me. There's something about this piece of footwear that pulls a look completely together and adds a layer of sophistication to any ensemble. After putting on a pair of knockout boots, I feel ready to conquer the adventure ahead (even if said adventure is school pickup or a supermarket run!).

Take my outfit, pictured here, for example. I was heading out to a weekend noon show, by Central Park, and it was rainy(!) when I wore this look. Aiming for something casual-chic (since I didn't know where we'd end up post-show for food or a drink), I opted for a striped mini lbd/lwd cross, army green trench, and my go-to knee-high brown riding boots.

The mini..I haven't worn such a short dress since high school! The blue and white striped pattern on this Motel number, alongside the mock mini turtle-neck, really speaks to me, though. There's something young and playful about the standalone dress, yet the color scheme allows for easy pairing with other neutrals that add a layer of chic maturity.

That's where the army green Zara trench comes in. As I've noted before, the trench (regardless of color or style) should be a staple in any mama's wardrobe - for rainy fall days and exciting autumn nights, alike. By pairing the trench atop the mini here, I've automatically transitioned the look into one that is evening-friendly.

And, here comes the piece de resistance - the final touch that finishes off this outfit for me- my brown knee high Jones riding boots. Noam got me this one on his last trip to Amsterdam! (seriously!) Not only do they elongate my lower leg and hit my knee at the perfect spot, but their neutral dark coloring also matches anything and everything. In a singular look, I've managed to bring in blue, white, green, and brown - all in a fashionable way.

The most important takeaway here is that this look is so very easy and doable - for even the busiest mama or fashionista! Whether you opt for a short or long dress (I realize that length is a preference, though I fully support your experimenting with a short look!) - own the outfit and love the body wearing it. Whether putting on brown/block/tan boots - pick a style that is comfortable and flattering and wear the shoes in good health. And, just buy that darn trench you've been eyeing these past few weeks, already! I know you can rock this look and can't wait to hear how you wore it.

Until next time...

Neshikot= XX





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