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It's officially October! The summer has come and gone, and with it has taken the 90 degree temps, pool days, and barbecues and put them in the "summer box" we unwillingly pack back into the closet come fall.

One of my favorite things to do during this season is baking. I am the baker of the family and my husband is the cook. (Actually we both cook family meals, but he cooks gourment food, and I can't compete with that!) There is a huge difference between baking and cooking. With baking you need to use exact measurements to get the recipe to turn out correctly. The kids having a great time and it helps them with so many skills; measuring, following instructions, and a sense of accomplishment once they see the final result from the oven. and we all get to spend quality time together as well. Perfect! We love giving cookies to neighbors, teachers, and friends. We wrap them up in cute packages and they are a perfect and affordable gift to give others.

Pre holidays, our team met with Dani Jardim, the talented founder of said DJars - a chic new company that produces personalized mason jar cookie mixes for every occasion. They're pleasing to the taste buds and on the eyes! We were super lucky to score two large-size jars of cookie mixes, hand-prepared and personalized for @GirlPlusTwo (each pre-prepared jar makes 32 cookies, FYI!). My boys and I made a full jar for the holiday while saving the second jar for later this season (Closed jars keep for up to a awesome is that?!).

The real genius behind the idea is in the ridiculously easy baking process. All of the ingredients are already IN the jar, and require basic additions - such as butter, eggs and vanilla - mixed in to a bowl along with the pre-made ingredients. The batch is then put onto cookie sheets, placed in the oven for just a few minutes, and voila - a delicious, beautiful finished product is made! No measurement faux-pas, no spoiling of pre-made cake jars, and no purchasing of excessive quantities that end up getting tossed or stored for a later use that doesn't actually arise. My eager four year old was even able to help with the prep! Pretty great, huh?!

And, how beautiful are the finished cookies! The festive red/white/blue colors make this the perfect treat for any national holiday. Whether choosing to gift a jar or a batch of the finished sweets, you'll be sure to wow with a this product in hand. Check out DJarsCookiesCo and @DJarsCookieCo for all the details.

We wish smell was transmittable through the web - because you'd be salivating if your nose could take in the sweet vibes these cookies are rocking!






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