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I always have shopping on the brain. And, by mid-week, my online carts at RevolveClothing (you already know how much I love this website!) are filled to the brim with looks and styles I'm pining for. You've already begun to get a taste of the trends I'm after this season through my new Wednesday Trendsday column, and the following three pieces are my newest additions.

While I'm certainly a big fan of pieces that can be re-styled and worn over and over - key pieces, if you will - I'm also very partial to standout looks. You know the ones I'm talking about? The pieces that make an outfit extraordinary and are so fashionably perfect that you wish you could buy one in every color and wear it every darn day (though, that might diminish the uniqueness!). I've got one of the former and two of the latter coming up on today's trend-scouting. Read up, shop up, and enjoy!

1. Bell Sleeves

You can say I'm stuck in the 90s all you want, but bell sleeves are back (YAY!). Long sleeves are a necessity once temperatures drop. After all, the college years of running around in minimal clothing in, well, minimal temps have passed. I love a good bell sleeve, since the different sleeve-end jazzes up any top and adds a fancy feel to whatever look you're pulling off. Perfect for going out to a show, cocktails, dinner parties - bell sleeves are a winning look (that keeps me warm, too) this season. Also, since the look is understated-chic, even the least risky of fashionistas can find a comfortable fit in the bell sleeve.

2. Halter Neckline

Though the word halter is most often used in the context of bathing suits, I'm a proponent of migrating the trend over to tops and dresses, especially once swimsuit-season has ended. Understandably, it might seem difficult to manage the look once fall and winter hit. But, in reality, wearing a crop sweater or piece of fur-wear balances the fashionably open neckline with proper sleeves for warmth. The look is also extremely flattering on the arms and collarbone, regardless of the halter cut (they're all pretty similar and equally pleasing aesthetically) or style. I must admit that this look is definitely more out there, yet I promise it's a fun one to experiment with!

3. Camel Suede

Ok, ok, yes I promised you one key-piece look. So, here it is. Suede is very in (and was it ever out? I think not). I'm looking to wear my camel color suede bottoms on the regular since 1) it matches all other neutrals AND patterns 2) it's warm and 3) it's simply a great piece of fashion. Whether dressing camel suede up for a night out or a day full of meetings, the look is easily transferable depending on how you style it. And, the warmth factor never goes unnoticed, especially since it can be tricky to ever feel warm in a skirt in the winter. (You know exactly what I'm referring to!)

Wishing you a stylish rest-of-week and the courage to try out a new look or two!

Neshikot= XX





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