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There's one particular clothing item out there that I see women - mamas and non-mamas alike, shy away from: The Jumpsuit. Being that I'm one of the jumpsuit's biggest fans and supporters (you should see how many I have in my closet!), I hate to hear things such as "it's so not me" or "this look is too hard to pull off" or "I'm too old for that." Nonsense. These reasonings are all invalid to me.

While I understand the very real shyness that could come along with donning a shorts or sleeveless jumpsuit - I admit, it's not comfortable for everyone, and that's OK!- I am excited to introduce you to my favorite long-sleeved, long-length jumpsuit, pictured here.

A camo v-neck beauty by Monrow, the Crepe Long Sleeve piece is the focal point of my go-to night-out look. It's flattering, modest, seasonal and remarkably chic, in an understated way, of course. The major plus about the jumpsuit is that the singular piece stands on its own and does not require much else to make an outfit work. Essentially, it's as easy to throw on as the time it takes to unplug your phone and pop it from the charger. Aka real easy.

Because I tend to get cold at night in the fall - and love to accessorize - I paired this onesie with the equally understated cream scarf, that I got from my dad on his last trip to china (aka 15(!) years ago! haha!) Neutrals balancing out neutrals is always a good idea. And, if I can score a little extra neck-warmth out of it (because, people, it got cold out here in NYC!), then all the better. The look is done, save for some heels, and I'm ready to head out the door.

Fashion should never be intimidating or scary. I encourage each of you to brave a new look, try something different, and own whatever you choose with confidence and happiness. Have no time to put a complicated look together? Keep it simple with a signature focal piece, like I did with the jumpsuit here, and build your outfit from there.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. I threw on this outfit for last week's Emerging Leaders and Philanthropists event at UJA. The organization hosted a panel with Instagram celebrities @manrepeller, @infatuation and @crazyjewishmom. I even got a pic with Manrepeller's Leandra Medine! Check out both insta accounts @diklagoren & @girlplustwo for pics.





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