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There is so much that I love about fall fashion. The layer factor. The mix of summer and winter pieces. All of the neutrals (hello, browns and tans!). With fall, we New Yorkers get to say au revoir to summer stickiness without welcoming in the winter wonderland quite yet. And, from a fashion perspective, there's so much to be celebrated about this in-between time.

Take my typical weekday fall outfit, pictured here. Starting off with the tee and blazer combo- one that you can never go wrong with - I find myself layering a basic grey scoop-neck with a hip-length classic camel blazer (note the dark brown elbow pads, please!), for a top look that allows for both warmth and chicness. October truly is the perfect point in the season to wear this look time and time again.

Next, basic black jeans are a must during any time of year, though I find myself wearing them most often during the fall. Plus, these skinnies are bit edgier than the norm, since they're ripped neatly at the knees. The edge factor definitely balances out the more structured top half of me, a side-by-side look I often play around with. You never know where your day will take you, isn't that right?!

Now, onto my favorite part...the accessories. The dark-colored tie-dye scarf was gifted to me a year ago (or maybe six months ago lol) by my husband, Noam. I picked a good one, ladies- he understands my style well and knows just what suits me! The light-brown suede fringe bag, a closet staple of mine for the last decade, blends in well with the brown-family blazer. And, can we just all smile at the fact that fringe is back and here to stay this fall? Happiness!

Ah, and then there's the shoes! Though hard to believe since they're so high and elaborate, these strappy sandals are my most comfortable pair. In fact, I purchased them just two weeks ago after they were featured in the Vince Camuto store. I tried them on and three minutes later, they were on my feet and I was out the door! And, if we're being honest, I've already worn them a very large number of times since. It was one of the easiest and fastest shoe purchases I've ever made. Guess they must be keepers!

And, let's not forget the shades. Last but not least, they complete every single one of my outfits. I've really been feeling the retro circle shades these days - they give off a true anything-goes type attitude and give the full-on head-nod to fall fashion. I can't explain it, but I really do feel it. Just something intrinsic in the fashionista in me, I suppose!

The best parts about this whole look (other than it being a favorite of mine for the season) is 1)that it took me three minutes to put together and 2) I was able to use a bunch of classic pieces from years past that have been sitting idly in my closet. What does this translate into for you, beautiful readers? That you have the ability to create a similar look with ease! Whether you're a mama or not, this look can work for everyone. Head into your closet, pull some basics, pair them together, and voila! You have yourself a greatfall outfit!

Have a fun weekend!

Neshikot =XX





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