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Fall is my favorite season to shop for. Since temps are always shifting, natural highs and lows (can you believe it's practically Thanksgiving and NYC is still sporting 70's weather?!) allow for a whole spectrum of outfits to be worn. Some fall days, I find myself all layered and bundled up in turtlenecks, high boots, and chunky sweaters, while other days a tee, scarf and leather jacket will do just fine. Fall is basically a fashionista's dream (especially if you have an overflowing closet like mine)!

This week, I'm putting leather jackets, turtlenecks, and hats on the 'Wednesday Trendsday' table - three of my favorite fall pieces, all able to be worn fashionably by anyone! I really believe that, coming both from my mama and fashion perspectives. So, read up, style up, and enjoy!


Leather Jacket

The leather jacket can either be seen as an outfit's piece de resistance or as a catch-all coverup for any look. Depending on a combination of my mood, the weather, and how much in need of a laundry run I am, I choose whether or not to style my leather jacket up or throw it on and head out the door. Leather is supple, rich, and beautiful. Even in its most basic form, a leather jacket ups the fancy and chic of any look (leggings and tee, included). Throw on a light scarf, some shades, and a pair of booties, and you're ready to head out the door. If using the jacket to complete a full look for a night out, pair it with a dress and heels, or a patterned skirt and embellished top. No matter how you wear it, you can never go wrong with leather - especially if you're brave enough to snag a colored jacket! Extra points for shearling finishing too!


You all know me well enough by now to know that I'm a big sucker for sunglasses - plastic, metal, mirrored, you name it!- yet, I'm not sure if you also know how much of a hat fan (the chicer the better!) I am. Yes, sometimes a good baseball cap or beanie can be used to cover up a bad hair day (we've all been there, especially the mamas reading this!). But, in reality, stylish hats can completely take a look from 50 to 100% with basically no effort. I'm referring to fedoras, cowboy hats, floppies, slouchies...the list can go on! Throw a beautiful hat over fresh hair (or less fresh - whatever works!) and you've added just that extra bit of flair to your look. Also, hats are a great excuse to keep your head warm and set a good example for your kiddos when you want them to don their own cooler-temp headwear (sometimes, that's the greatest struggle of all!).


Tops come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, colors and cuts. But, the real winner of the cozy contest is, hands-down, the turtleneck. Feared by some, though mostly loved by all, the turtleneck is the perfect season transition top, bringing fashionistas right into the colder months with lots of ease and an even greater amount of warmth. Whether sporting a chunkier version with pants or a tighter model with a skirt, it's hard to go wrong with a top that molds to the neck/torso ratio of its wearer. As long as you keep your posture pristine (which you should be doing anyway!), you're good-to-go with this look. Feel free to try layering with this top, too! It makes for a great basic under a vest, sweater, or jacket.





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