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The best part about this time of year (aka inconsistent weather from day-to-day...or hour-to-hour,really ) is the opportunity to switch between many different chic shoe styles. Today, I'm zooming in on my three favorite November shoe trends (formerly October shoe trends, but the trends must carry over when it's 60s daily here in New york!), each a bit unique yet all full of wear and fun.


Ah, flats, the ultimate season-less shoes (until it snows, that is!). I've always been a big fan of flats, since a busy mama can always rely on the style's comfort and practicality to get her through a filled day. Lately, I'm loving a variety of takes on the classic look- studded, animal-print, metallic, ankle-strap, you name it. Flats also pair perfectly with tights (especially black ones), so I encourage you to play around with the look this season, while enjoying the comfort that the shoes provide. And, be sure to try them out before the snow hits!


What may have once been seen as footwear for businessmen has now morphed into an uber-chic style for the fashionistas among us! The loafer, of which there are both androgynous and girly options, has become a go-to piece of fall footwear for me. They're comfortable and easy to throw on, while clearly upping the fashion of any look - especially edgier jeans or other more casual bottoms. And, the loafer is perfect for business meetings, since the shoe makes an outfit feel pulled together and ready-to-go. For girlier options, look to suede, prints, and jeweled styles - they definitely won't disappoint!


Don't you just love when the masses start switching over to boots? Heck, who am I to talk- I even wear boots during the summer! There's no starting point for my favorite type of shoe, especially shorter styles like the combat, bootie, or the Chelsea, pictured here. But, admittedly, it is nice to see my East Coasters switching from summer to fall! The lattermost - the Chelsea - gives a real flattering head-nod to edgy cool mixed with seasonal practicality. Coming in at just above the ankle, this style of boot flatters legs by covering up the ankle bone, yet doesn't overwhelm even the most ladylike of outfits (think: skirts, dresses) since the boot is considerably short and really falls on the boot/shoe border. Wear the style with leggings or jeans to pull an outfit together, too.!





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