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Guess who's back from Miami?! Hope you missed me:-)

I was never a big fan of rules (you can ask my mom & dad haha). And, fashion guidelines are no different! I like to wear what I like to wear, whether that means mixing patterns, adding heaps of accessories, or layering navy and black (I know, gasp!). To me, fashion is about self-expression and comfortability. You have to love the look you put together and feel great about wearing it for all the world to see.

The outfit I wore here, perfect for the season and current weather situation, is one of my favorites for so many reasons. First, let's cut right to the chase, shall we? This outfit is all about the double-dose of leather. It hits you right in the face! Not only did I stack the material up on both the top and bottom halves of my body, but I also mixed texture and color within the material's family, too. While I've owned my black leather jacket for years (it's as useful an outerwear piece as any), I've always wanted to enter the unchartered closet territory that is leather bottoms. I did that easily and seamlessly here, in a way that fashionably (yet nonchalantly) completed my look. And, I got to add an extra pop of color by choosing to don navy leather bottoms. Plus, I love mixing navy and black - always have, always will. I hope I've encouraged you to try the combo, if you haven't already!

Now, let's take a closer look at the other outfit builders here. I chose to pair my leather statement pieces with a casual black and white thin-striped shirt. It's one of the most basic pieces in my wardrobe, which makes it a great choice to throw on when you're vacillating between what to wear and pair with other neutrals. Add in the fact that the black stripes match perfectly with the black jacket and don't take away from the navy bottoms, and you've built an entirely chic outfit that matches from head-to-toe.

Next up, my Adidas sneakers. These white/green Classic mixes are a shoe staple for me. They match everything, are insanely comfortable, and pass with flying colors when put to the test alongside fancier clothing choices. I also admit that I'll take any excuse to wear sneaks until the temperatures dip too low!

Finally, we get to the accessory portion of the outfit - rings, hat, and the subtle necktie scarf. I'm a big fan of layering heaps of jewelry upon each other, especially rings. A ring on each finger makes me one happy fashionista! The hat/scarf pairing can be a bit tricky - many people say that the two accessory pieces simply don't go together, that they are 'too much.' What do I say to that? Give me too much! I am all about the two in this look, especially since I matched the colors of each exactly to one another. If you feel that the combo is too much for your particular look, pare back and choose whichever piece you feel more confident in, solo!

I threw this ensemble together for a day of business meetings in the City (what else is new?!) that ended up transitioning into date-night with my husband. The leather really made this outfit work for both activities - there's something glamorous about it, really! It's practical, too, of course, especially during this time of year. I also feel happy when I wear a look like this, as if fashion really gets me and my taste. And, that's what it's all about!

Wishing you the confidence and bravery to try any and all new looks you've been thinking about - especially the mamas reading this.

Happy friday!

Neshikot= XX





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