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You might think that after almost five years with kids (and only one couples vacation in total during that half-decade!) that a family vacation would be the least vacation-like activity for my husband, Noam, and me. But, it was quite the opposite for us and our Dekel crew! After just returning back from a week of family, warmth, and fun in Miami, I'm finally able to sit down and reflect on the precious time spent with my husband and boys. (On the flip-side, I also now have the opportunity to hardcore reminisce about the beach, 80-degree pool weather, and the relaxation that is the 305!)

Our days began at 7 AM - the kids were just so happy to wake up and get going. They gave me the energy to do the same! Plus, it's always more fun to wake up early on vacation than it is during the regular routine back home since there is a lot to explore and experience in your new location. We ate breakfast outside every morning, while listening to flocks and flocks of birds as we munched away at our meal. (Note: there were SO many birds to listen to! My boys loved watching them fly around in circles and loved chasing after them while playing on the beach.)

Another favorite activity of ours was bicycling. I biked with Yuli in the child's seat behind me, while Noam did the same with Ori. Once I finally got the hang of riding a two-wheeler again (it's tougher than it looks when you've been out of the biking game for a decade!), we had a ton of fun riding along the boardwalk and into South Beach.

The pool and ocean were our family's playgrounds for the week. We spent hours relaxing and splashing around - even Ori went in! I'd like to think I got a bit of a tan, but the truth is only my little Yuli came back darker! The boys also loved playing with other children on vacation in the local playground.

Every night, we went out for dinner as a family. Correction: Noam and I went out for dinner, and brought our two sleeping boys out with us in their strollers! The kids were so wiped out from full days in the sun. They got hungry much earlier than we did, any way, not to mention how difficult it would have been to search for a babysitter in a new city, isn't that right Mamas?. Our favorite Miami restaurant, entitled Restaurant 27, is owned by a good friend of ours. It is the best food in Miami- we can't get enough each time we visit! We ate there a handful of times during our trip - both when the boys were asleep and when they were awake!

One day during our trip, I had the privilege of meeting with a fellow mama blogger at Soho House Miami. It's always great to connect with other women who are passionate about writing and family - especially those who live in an environment totally different than my own and have created a brand that I can learn from. Women should always support each other - I firmly believe this!

As you might be able to guess, we would have been very happy to stay longer - we love it down there. In fact, we happen to have missed our flight on the way back - not purposefully, of course! It's just never easy to pack everything up for the kids. And, traveling with little ones always comes with unforeseen situations! I am happy to be home, though, and back to work writing and building GirlPlusTwo. So happy it's a short week ahead, and Thanksgiving is just days away. Lots to be thankful for this year!

Neshikot= XX





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