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There are days when black-on-black feels like the perfect outfit combination, and others when a full color palate is the only outfit option that properly reflects my mood. And, then there are those days when white-on-white really speaks to me. I must admit, these occasions come quite often on the hottest of summer days (hello white + tanned skin!) and coldest of winter ones (as I wish the summer tan remained but appreciate the cooler skin tones, too)! There's something so classy and clean about a fully white ensemble, cheerful and angelic, too.

Take the outfit pictured here: At first glance, you can see that my monochrome garment choices fully boast both bright and off-whites. If you take a closer look, you can break the foundation of the outfit down into white jeans and a fitted white tank top, both the same shade of the color. This tip is pretty important when assembling a monochrome look. Although layers and extras can (and, in my opinion, should!) differ slightly in color even for a monochrome effect, the basic pieces should be of the same shade, as to elongate the body and not break it up in any way.

The true piece de resistance here is the dirty-white thick knit coat. I am all about this chunky hooded (yes, hooded!) piece that I scored from iroParis. It's one of my favorite pieces of winter outerwear for oh, so many reasons. The color, fit, padding, warmth - you can literally snuggle in this piece without so much as a care for what you're donning underneath! And, let's not forget the oversized neck closure and fashionable zipper. I could theoretically live in this coat all season (especially since it has the added benefit of a warm hood). Prepare to see the piece all over me come the dips in temperature. Don't say I didn't warn you!

To mix in a stark contrast (and for practicality reasons!), I chose to complete this look with black Vince Camuto booties. Since, as mentioned, monochrome looks elongate the body from head-to-toe, breaking up an outfit at the bottom does not undue any of the flattering aspects.

If I told you that I'm getting excited for winter, it would be an understatement! Sure, I don't love the freezing temperatures and snow-filled streets - but, really, who does? The fashion, the beauty, and spirit of the season is where my head is at. I can't wait to sing along to holiday music in the car (shout-out to Michael Buble!), wear my warmest clothes and boots, and spend time with my family inside, all snuggled up and warm. Of course, I can't wait to wear my winter whites either! Although monochrome white can seem intimidating and hard to pull of, it surely is not. Best of all, it flatters everyone. What a win!

I can't wait to see how you style yourself this season - I know you'll look great. Be sure to let me know what fashion is inspiring you this season!






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