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Spending our last family vacation in Miami (two weeks back!) made me realize that I have a strong newfound love for three very particular things. Fashion-related things, of course. The 305 is a bastion of fun, color, and warmth - what's not to love about that, right?! Throw in inspiration from the beach, palm trees, and sun and this fashionista is in quite a good headspace!

With Wednesday Trendsday popping up right after my trip, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share my trend watch for the week, inspired by the MIA and brought back to the NYC. Enjoy!

Neshikot= Xx


Throughout my life, I've heard many mixed reviews about this color. Some love it, others hate it. I fall into the former category. To me, yellow resembles sun, warmth, and cheerfulness. I've always been a fan of the color, no matter the shades and definitely wear it throughout the warmer months of the year. My trip to Miami was no exception. In fact, my week of warmth inspired me to bring the color back, front and center, to my fall 2015 wardrobe. Yellow is a fantastic neutral to work with - and a light shade of the color is almost as fitting as white! And, yellow can be easily paired with all sorts of other common neutrals - black, navy, and olive, for example. The color works well for layering (think: collared yellow neutrals and chunky crew neck sweaters), especially if you're striving for a preppy chic vibe.


Sometimes, you just need to rock a shirt with a little extra pizzaz to it. The off-the-shoulder look is just that. Whether opting for full slide-off, shoulder cut-outs, or an extended collarbone opening, any off-the-shoulder style takes an outfit to the next level, no matter how simple or elaborate the actual top is. Feeling intimidated by this trend? Don't be! It's easy to test out the look alongside other, more conservative outfit pieces - jeans and boots, skirts and tights, or accompanied by a piece of outwear. Also, keep in mind that there are several different types of off-the-shoulder looks, as mentioned prior. No need to opt for a specific cut if it doesn't vibe with your style!


Silvers, golds, and bronzes - oh my! I'm the biggest fan of metallic accessories - in the forms of jewelry, sunglasses, and, now handbags. Shiny extras add chicness to any ensemble, and easily at that. Throw on a metallic handbag and you've automatically added a layer of cool to your existing look. In addition, metallics are neutrals (yes, neutrals!). They match everything - from denim and leather to suede and lace (and everything in between!). And, handbags are an easy trend to test out, since they can be front and center or just an accessory. Best of all, a good handbag can be used throughout the year, and not just during one season!





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