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Winter 2014-2015 in New York was harsh. H.A.R.S.H. Harsh. My entire body, from my nose to my toes, would become frozen after being outside for just a few minutes. It was no fun - so much so that I try to block it out of my memory and pray that the coming winter will be better for us East Coasters. So far, with 55-60 degree December temps, it seems that my wish is coming true. Let's try not to jinx it!

What you can imagine the warmer fall temps mean for this Mediterranean mama is the ability to continue wearing my favorite breezy, light clothing that I love so much. Soft to the touch, and flattering as can be, flowey tops and pants give an air of chic-without-trying-to-impress to any ensemble.

Take the outfit pictured here, for example. I threw this white-and-black look on for a day of business meetings in the City - a day that I knew would feel endless due to the volume of appointments and become considerably warm midday when I was set to pick up my five year old from kindergarten. I took advantage of the higher temps and voila - here's how I styled myself:

From top to bottom: firstly, I'm a lover of hats. No matter the shape or style, I think a stylish hat can transform an outfit. Plus, your head is likely the first thing people notice about you, so jazzing up an outfit with that extra something up top is always a do in my book! Of course, no outdoor look (in the sun!) is complete without a pair of shades. My Illesteva round-rimmed lenses have really been doing well for me these past few months. The metal frames match anything and everything, and we know how I love a good nod to the 80s (here comes the round-rimmed!).

Now, onto my favorite part- the clothes! I paired an off-white colored loose top (note the faux necktie- a professional look I love!) with black "Jogger" pants that tighten at the ankles. Both of these pieces - worn separate or together - flatter and elongate all body types. Further, black and white is always a classy combination, which allows for the pairing of colored or more neutral shoes and accessories. I added a black vest - a simple and light piece of semi-outerwear - to finish off the look. I find vests a ton of fun to play around with, especially when they match another aspect of an outfit and bring the whole look together with intention. They're often more difficult to wear under big coats or heavy layers, so fall is the perfect time to wear this piece.

The real obvious outfit finisher is my favorite patent leather nude stilettos. I get a tremendous amount of wear out of these Stuart Weitzmans and have since the summer. Although they add an extra 5 inches to my height, they are, without a doubt, the most beautiful skinny heels I own. And, they match everything (head nod to nudes!), hit the ankle in the most flattering spot, and keep up with wear.

I'm heading out now for another busy day - what else is new?! But, here's to hoping that the warmth lasts until New Years!

Neshikot= XX​





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