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Although us New Yorkers have been lucky enough to escape frigid weather thus far (I better not be jinxing it!), the temperature will drop down Into the winter range soon. While I'm praying we won't have a winter like that of the 2014-2015 season, I am excited to start wearing items that are timeless for the colder days. These pieces are the ones that never go out of style, can be worn again and again, and always mesh seamlessly with whatever they're paired with. Check out my three picks of the week, below!


As someone who was brought up in Israel, I never realized how important gloves were. Until I moved to New York a little over five years ago, that is! My skin has become so sensitive to the cold weather here, so much so that my hands become completely cracked if I don't sport a pair of good, warm, gloves. Since I never grew up needing gloves, I never thought that they were a piece that had any intention of being stylish. Flash forward to today, and my opinion has definitely changed! Gloves are a winter staple, and staples are most fun to wear when they have a bit of personal flair to them. I'm loving leather gloves with material trims this season!


Sweater dresses are a mama's BFF, you heard it right here! Moms are constantly on the go - running errands, playing with their kiddos, working - doing it all. The sweater dress is comfortable, reliable, and allows the wearer to move around easily. The look is feasible for daytime and nighttime (and, in fact, transitions easily between the two, if desired!), which is a huge plus for a busy mom on-the-go. Also, my favorite part about this piece is that the wearer can literally eat whatever they want without it showing- that's how movable the fabric is! Win, win, win!


I must admit, even I am still getting used to this trend. I've always loved the look - in magazines and on friends. But, I never thought I'd actually be able to pull it off, especially as a mom. Yet, after two kids, I am finally so comfortable with my body and in my own skin - the look has become one of my favorites. In fact, I found that high-waisted jeans actually flatter almost all body types, tucking and sucking in all of the spots you wish. You can never go wrong with this look, even if that look consists of high waisted denim and a simple t-shirt. High- waisted items up the the chic and fancy, and make any ensemble look intentional and pulled together.





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