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A big portion of my life and interests is fashion- related, and always has been. I am passionate about clothing, style, and color and love expressing myself (and now, my boys!) through this creative medium, too.

Many kids don't enjoy wearing certain items of clothing - hats, scarves, sweaters, to name a few of said items. But, we lucked out! My Yuli sees items like these and wants to have one. He wears it all and enjoys every second of it. All of the things that kids his age (4) don't want to wear, he loves wearing. He also has a passion for self-expression through fashion - he takes after his mama!

As such, mornings in our home are not filled with clothing craziness. Yuli is an easy kid to dress. I hear from my mama friends that it can be difficult to get girls ready in the morning and that they're so hard to dress since they want to wear crazy outfits or dress up as princesses to school. Yuli's tastes work well, though.

Our littlest, Ori, is even easier to dress since he's so young. The most important part of dressing an almost two year old is making sure that all parts of his outfit are extremely comfortable and allow him to move around easily.

Check out these 5 Easy Tips for Dressing Kids Seamlessly in the AM!

1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

One of our family's favorite tricks is preparing all outfits ahead of time. This way, we avoid morning chaos and tantrums, and gain a few extra minutes before we head out the door.

2. Include your Children!

Let children play a role in picking their clothes out. They love to get involved in the idea of what they are wearing and in the process of arranging an outfit. Kids truly feel proud about helping their parents out with dressing efforts!

3. It's All about the Fabrics!

Most kids (especially boys!) don't care too much about the style of an outfit. But, they do care about being comfortable. Make sure to feel all fabrics, in and out, before purchasing to make sure that the fabric will be comfortable against your child's skin.

4. Dress Kids in Layers!

It's best to dress children in multiple layers (a t-shirt, sweater, vest) since children always end up throwing their top layer (usually a coat) right off. Layers practically force kids to stay warm, no matter what the day brings.

5. Have Extras on Hand!

Make sure to have extra clothing items (including underwear!) in the kids' bags or your own. Situations can arise at any moment (spills, soiled clothing), and you can never go wrong with having extra clean clothes, easily accessible.

Special thank you to Two Kids and a Dog for selling amazing clothing and opening up their space to us for this shoot!

Happy Fiday!

Neshikot =Xx





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