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We've all heard the saying "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color," haven't we? I believe this definitely rings true, in a most fashionable (and anti- Wednesday Addams!) way. Black, in practically any shade of the color, is timeless, flattering, and always chic. It's nearly impossible to go wrong with a look that centers on the most versatile of colors in the palette, no matter the combination of pieces in the overall ensemble. The look worn, here, is an absolute favorite of mine. Let's take a look at the various parts that make up the total effect of this black-on-black-on-black number!

Starting at the top of the look... The hat. Hats are always a good idea, in my book. You know my obsession with hats - all shapes, textures and colors do it for me. I chose a classic black hat with a satin ribbon accent here (similar here). Said hat isn't too large or small, allowing it to neatly frame my face and and not overwhelm my hair-down look.

Since the whole of the outfit is intentionally black-heavy, I decided to pair the fitted leather biker jacket with a contrasting white/black plaid button-down. The pattern is different and delicate, but fits right in at the same time with with the outfit's color family. Ah, the real magic of the color black, isn't that right?!

The aforementioned leather jacket (a steal I purchased from All Saints on Black Friday- true story!) is a new frontrunner in my closet. It's perfectly fitted, and the leather is oh-so supple. The jacket, thrown over a simple button-down top, provides enough warmth and coverage in the gorgeous NYC weather of late. When the weather truly dips, the same look can be worn under a puffer, and shine in doors once the puffer is thrown off.

Moving on to the bottoms...I, admittedly, have a new obsession with flare jeans, especially of the black variety, like these NYDJ. Growing up, I was a constant jeans-wearer. As such, I've always been a big fan of many different styles of jeans. The flare cut definitely accentuates the positives of my bottom half (i.e. it makes my legs look extra skinny! For a mama, this is a big deal! It's all in the little things, right?). In general, flare tends to be very flattering, no matter your body type. I believe every woman should own at least one pair, especially us mamas. Flare also ups the fancy of a typical denim bottom so it can be worn out to dinner or a show. On the flip side, the cut also works well with a simple t-shirt and flats.

Heels and flares are an especially good combination, since the heels further elongate legs and keeps the bottom of the flares from sweeping the floor. (That was definitely such a mom comment! But, it's true!) I chose to complete the look with a black tassle purse - a whimsical, yet still fashionable, accessory.

Bottom line, I really do just love this whole look. It makes me feel good and fashionable. And, the fact that several of the outfits pieces accentuates the positive aspects of my body is a great plus! Isn't all of this what fashion is ultimately about? I'd love to know what you think, and if you'd rock any of the pieces I'm wearing here!

Have a fashionable, and fun day!

Neshikot= XX





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