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New Years Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year. Not only are we celebrating all of the best moments of the previous year and putting the past year's challenges behind us, but we are also ushering in the New Year, fashionably and in style.

From as far back as I can remember, NYE has been an evening of glamour and experimentation with fashion. Women feel like they can break out that sparkly dress or velvet romper - and do so confidently and excitedly. Everyone steps out, or stays in, and looks great while they're doing so. (Even if you're sitting with family in front of the TV watching Carson Daly pre-ball drop, I bet you're doing so in your nicest PJs!)

Check out the pieces I'm loving (and trying to choose between!) for NYE. Would you wear any of these items? I bet you'd rock them if you did! Wishing you a wonderful New Years Eve and a Happy and Healthy start to 2016!


Dresses are a natural choice for NYE, since many people go out or to a party where more formal clothing is expected. Usually, I'd say, without question, to choose your best and most flattering LBD (little black dress), don a great pair of heels with it, and be on your way. But, this NYE, I'm all about the red dress. Red is the color of confidence - it's beautiful and in-your-face in the best way. It also matches all hair colors on the spectrum, from blonde to brunette and everything in between. Plus, red is neutral enough to pair well with black tights/black shoes or nude tights/nude shoes (or tights-less, if you're in a warm enough climate!).


Don't give me that look! Vests aren't just for grandpas or those that love a preppy vibe. Picture a stylish twist on the age-old look: a fur, shearling, or leather vest. It's the ultimate addition (and convenient layer!) for any type of NYE outfit. Whether you've chosen a dress, romper, shirt or pants and top, a vest can only add to the finished look. And, if fur isn't your thing, shearling or leather works great too. Of course, the former two might provide a bit more warmth than the lattermost, but all are chic and perfect for the occasion.

Patent Leather Shoes

I'm so excited about this part of my upcoming NYE look. Patent leather is as timeless a material as it gets. It makes black look chicer (who knew that was even possible?!). I'm loving the style, in both heels and flats, and foresee myself wearing it up this season, beginning with the New Year. There's also something wintery about the material - as if wearing it in colder temps just feels right. Although patent leather does come in other colors than black (think nudes), I'm making a big push for the classic black this season. And, beyond NYE, black patent leather jazzes up jeans and sweater dresses as soon as you slip it on your feet!


Chokers are my of-the-moment thing right now, and not just because I bought my teething toddler an amber choker to quell his tooth pain! To me, the modern choker necklace is reminiscent of 90s angst mixed with maturity. Whether opting for a glitzy tighter piece or one with hanging parts, it's hard to go wrong with a statement necklace like this. The look works even better if you're planning on rocking a lower neckline. In addition, a choker stands front and center, and doesn't require other jewelry to glamorize its presence. And, how many times (as an adult) can you say you rocked a choker necklace?! That's what I thought!)

Statement Clutch

I've highlighted a bunch of different types of bags through my Wednesday Trendsay column these last few months. But, one type of bag has yet to make its debut: the clutch. I'll give a nice head-nod to the clutch any day, but for NYE, I'm pining for a statement clutch - one that will jazz up my outfit and celebrate the night along with me. Metallics, studded, and velvets are all great options - they're unique and fun and add to whatever you're wearing. Plus, they're easy to tote around and hold (whether in hand or under elbow) all night long!





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