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I saw the funniest post on Instagram the other day. It went something like this...

"2016 is in 15 days, and I still think 2008 was two years ago." All I could think after reading this was how accurate it is. Can you believe that in just a few days we'll be ushering in the New Year?! We've barely let go of summer weather as it is...! Plus, it'll surely take me a month or two to even remember we're no longer in 2015. (I can't be the only one. And, I don't even think it's a mom brain thing!)

With the aforementioned New Year approaching, I've started to think about our celebratory calendar and what we'll be doing as a family (and a couple!) to welcome in 2016. My mind automatically went to fashion and this year, I knew I wanted to wear something different for celebrations.

Most of the time, I choose black (and only black!) for fancier occasions. Black is classy, timeless, and always flattering. Plus, there's a lot to build on with black - both accessory-wise, and accent-wise. This New Year, however, I chose to don this navy number (corrently 40% off!). It's pretty and chic, yet understated, and as different as it gets for this Mediterranean mama.

Most notably, the backless details stand out. With two levels of cutouts, the navy (note, navy, not black!) piece intentionally, yet understatedly, surprises onlookers. The back isn't too cut out though, as it doesn't reveal too much skin or dip too low (aka perfect for a mama!). As my husband said to me when trying the outfit on for him, "the details in the back are hot!" Boys will be boys...!

I chose to pair the statement dress with my new All Saints fitted leather jacket. While I have owned many a leather jacket in my life, this one is undoubtedly my favorite. It fits me like a glove (even in the shoulders!), and pairs well with classier and edgier pieces. And, because of the tighter fit, it doesn't overwhelm more delicate pieces when paired over them. It's also a cool enough piece to keep on, even indoors, throughout a night out in cooler temps.

To finish off the look, I chose a pair of open-toed cutout stilettos (corrently 50% off!) and edgy rings. The dress goes both ways - delicate and lady-like but adventurous, too. Stilettos give a head-nod to the former attribute, while studded pointed jewels fall in line with the latter.

I can't wait to wear this whole look on New Years Eve! How are you all celebrating? More importantly, what will you be wearing?! Let me know, I'd love to feel the fashion inspiration from each and every one of you!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, fun New Year! Welcome 2016- we're ready for you!






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