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Well, it finally happened. We had a long stroke of luck, but New York has now gotten the Winter it was happy to be missing all along! With temperatures dipping into the 20s (or, even lower on some colder nights), I've officially given in and fully transitioned my wardrobe over to winter clothes (only!).

For many women I know, myself included, winter closets are filled with blacks-on-blacks-on-blacks. We trade in our colorful jeans for black ones, light-weight white tees for chunky black sweaters and opt for darks over brights any day of the week. But, in reality, we don't have to! Allow me to elaborate...

Envision the following winter outfit: an oversized grey v-neck cardigan and a baby blue pleated skirt. Doesn't sound all that untimely, does it? You get the warm and cozy alpaca blend on top, paired with a skirt bottom that showcases a nice pop of color. Fun look, isn't it? You can even opt for other colored bottoms and tops in keeping with this outfit theme. It's like one big surprise at the bottom of your outfit when you add something nice and colorful to a look! Plus, you're still making sure to keep warm and dress for the weather. Add in some tights and footwear, and you're good-to-go.

It's important to note that this outfit is so easily wearable for women everywhere... The chunky top gives the wearer room to breathe, and provides comfort and mobility. The longer skirt bottom is both flattering and appropriate, no matter your body type and shape. And, it's nice to take a break from all blacks and wear something a bit different. Winter is cold and dreary enough as it is, so providing a little brightness to your look is always a good idea!

One more thing I love about the chunky top and bright skirt combo is that it can be worn during the day, and easily transitioned to night, too. Varying your footwear is a quick way to make the changeover, as are small changes in accessories and jewelry. I can't wait to rock this look all season long! We're just getting started with the cold here in the Big Apple, so there'll be plenty of opportunities to do so!

Neshikot= XX

BTW, I bought this clutch at a small store in London, 10 years ago!






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