Sunglasses might very well be my favorite type of accessory. I've developed quite the collection over the years and own a ton of different styles (if my Instagram account hasn't tipped you off yet;)). To me, sunglasses add that little bit extra that completely makes an outfit and finishes off the look.

A popular style of many glasses this season is the 'flat' look. This type of shade has squarer, sleeker frames, and rest flatly on the face from top-to-bottom.

Recently, I caved and purchased two new pairs I'd been pining for since the summer (when I purchased another three pairs!). These shades are decidedly the most chic of my current collection. The first reminds me of the movie American Hustle, a true 70' look from Elizabeth and James , and the second is a round metal frame/metallic shaded pair from Ray-Ban's latest collection.

If you ask me which one is a must, an everyday go to piece this winter, I choose the Ray -Bans... I'm pretty obsessed with them...They're statement shades and completely make any look - casual or fancy, while completely rocking right on their own. I've worn them every single day since the purchase, and have come to appreciate the mirrored/ silver chicness more and more each time.

There's nothing like a great pair of shades to cover tired eyes and brighten up a whole outfit, isn't that right?

Wishing you sunny days filled with chic shades, all winter long!

Neshikot = XX