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Last week, I made plans to go in to the City, sans my two kiddos and hubby, for some "me time." As many of you mamas know, it's pretty difficult to carve out time for yourself, and doing so happens so infrequently. I decided I would head in after dropping my one and half year old off at daycare, and my four and a half year old at kindergarten. I planned to take myself out to lunch (yes, myself!), do some shopping, and walk the length of fifth avenue amongst holiday tourists, taking in all of the beautiful storefronts.

I decided to stop in the West Village on my way uptown from SoHo to pick up some Magnolia Cupcakes as an after-school treat for the boys, and ended up popping into this amazing kids' clothing boutique called YOYA nyc. The store shelves were lined with the most unique pieces of children's clothing. In fact, I bought a bunch of great items for my boys.

For my older son, Yuli, I purchased a timeless army-green blazer and of-the-moment tri-velcro buckle sneakers (his daddy wants one too! lol). I also picked out adorable jogger sweatpants for spring (Aladdin-style, bigger at the thigh and tighter around the ankle) for my younger son, Ori, and matching tiger print shirt (reminded me of the vintage Chanel prints lol). Although Ori is too young to appreciate some of my clothing choices, Yuli gets really excited when he receives clothing gifts. He loves his new blazer, and couldn't wait to break in his sneakers, too!

These purchases were adorable, and so different from the normal ensembles kids wear. But, hey, I think it's great when my kids aren't dressed quite the same as every other kid. It's nice to utilize a unique sense of style. I tell all mamas that I meet that they should never worry about dressing their kids differently than other kids. Different is special, isn't that right?! Just like when I encourage mamas to try new things for their own wardrobes, I encourage them to try new things when dressing their little ones too. If Army green blazer isn't your thing - that's okay! Find whatever it is you think will suit, a bit out of your comfort zones!

I laughed to myself as I exited the boutique with a bagful of new clothing for my boys. Believe it or not, I hadn't actually purchased anything for myself that day. While I had planned to spend the day focusing on myself, I ended up thinking all about the kids. Mom brain is always on, isn't that right!?

For any of you mamas still looking to buy clothing for your little ones or others, I've got a special treat for you! Well, two. First - YOYA is having a crazy sale right now, so make your purchases while the promotion is going on. Second - the store created a special code for my followers, so anyone who uses the code ILOVEYOYA and follows the brand gets an extra 10% off on anything (yes, anything!) that's on sale right now!

Happy Monday & Happy Shopping

Neshikot= XX

This post is brought to you by YOYA





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