When it comes to accessories, I truly believe hats are a girl’s best friend. Don’t get me wrong, I love diamonds too ;) But I always find myself saying that everyone should have a good selection of hats in their closet, because the right hat goes a very long way. You can throw one on with other casual items, like a leather jacket or sneakers, but also with something much more elegant—think heels and a dress. It all depends on the hat. And whether you’re shielding yourself from the wind, or covering up a bad hair day, it somehow gives your face more attention by framing it. I’m such a fan of their look and feel, I often spend the day in a cozy hat, even if I’m not planning to leave the apartment.

Here are some of my personal favorites. (You know I’m all about curating a small collection and putting it to work, time and time again!) The pom pom beanie is huge this winter, and I totally get why. The large stitch one I’m wearing here is from Mischa. Super warm, with colorblocking and an oversized fur pom-pom. I’ve paired it with this grainy, heather scarf; together, they’re taming an otherwise edgy look.

The slouchy navy beanie pictured here is another favorite staple. It’s a unisex item I got years ago from All Saints, and I’ve lost count of how many times Noam or Yuli have borrowed it from me. As you can see, I have a more formal and meticulous look here, but the slouchy beanie adds a youthful and casual feel.

Last but not least, the trend that defies seasons: the solid, wide-brim fedora. This one, from Brixton goes from day to night very nicely. While the black makes it easy to match with anything, the tri-colored braided detailing stands out and brings an outfit together if there are other neutrals present. I feel like it adds such a sleek touch that I keep it on even if I’m indoors at a bar or restaurant. In my opinion, this silhouette adds such a mod, regal air to your look…I almost can’t describe how much I love it!

We’ve seen hat trends come and go, but rest assured, my obsession with them is here to stay! So keep an eye on the blog and insta, because there’s more to come ;)