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Israel has been treating us so well - so much so that it's practically a challenge not to have a great time (even while doing absolutely nothing!) while visiting here. Since my husband Noam arrived a few weeks ago, our little Dekel crew has been going on many exciting daily excursions and short trips. We want to make sure that we take in the country fully during our stay, and expose our boys to the natural beauty and wonders that abound all over the land. And, taking out specific time for just myself and the hubby has been great too!

One of my favorite days so far was spent in Nazareth, just ten minutes down the road from where Noam and I grew up. Although we both spent all of our childhood and young adult years in the nearby area, it's been more than a decade since we've visited Nazareth (Old City), believe it or not! When I spend any amount of time in Nazareth, I like to really explore the small streets I haven't been to in years. A favorite activity involves stopping for hummus and pita (I'd argue, the best in all of Israel!) in the Old City.

For this trip, we left the boys to play at my parents' house and drove down the hill from Nazareth Illit to Nazareth. We started the day with the aforementioned yearly hummus ritual, walked a bit in the neighborhood, made a stop for real dark coffee (it's so strong, just how we Israelis like it!), and then scoured the shuk marketplace to check for small bazaar gifts and souvenirs for friends back in New York. It had been so long since we had visited Nazareth that we felt like real tourists.

Another good chunk of our day was spent at a famous Nazareth site - the Cathedral of Announcement, followed by us devouring my favorite Arabic dessert - Knafeh. Most of the time, I choose to order takeout and bring the food back to my parents' house. But this time, Noam convinced me to eat the Knafeh fresh on the spot. Boy, was he right! It was warm and tasted better than any takeout we would have shlepped home to my parents' house! In fact, I wish I could just pack some up and take it back with me to wintery NYC.

In just a few days, our annual visit to Israel will be over. I can't even think about going back to 5 degree New York weather! How have you all been managing, back on the East Coast?! The boys have been outside and about, all day every day since we've been here. They're definitely not looking forward to the cold and staying in doors, either!

It's never easy to leave our friends and family here in Israel. But, we're already thinking about planning another trip back, a few months from now! Cheers to enjoying the next few days and soaking up Israel in its entirety before heading back to the Big Apple! Keep enjoying our journey!

Neshikot =xx





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