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Now that we're back stateside in BK, all I can think about (substitute dream for think, please!) is our recent trip to Israel. One of the best and last day trips our family took was to the Dead Sea. And, although it took us 2.5 hours to drive there from my parents' house in Nazareth Ilite, it was well worth it!

Between the dessert and red mountains, the Dead Sea is the perfect little alcove of relaxation and renewal. My youngest, Ori, loved the feel of the Dead Sea water - it's a bit oily and hardened, if you will. Naturally, as a mom, I was afraid beforehand that the salty water would get into his eyes and sting, but he didn't even make a splash and both eyes came out unharmed. In fact, Ori didn't even want to leave at the end of our visit! This kid definitely takes after his mama's heart :). My oldest, Yuli, was unfortunately at my in-laws during this trip, and wasn't able to explore the Dead Sea beauty that is fresh salt water and natural paradise. I told him all about our trip and can't wait to take him back next time we go!

Of course, we made a few stops (mostly for food and bathroom!) along the way. You already know that I think all food in Israel is amazing, Loading up on hummus, pita, and smoothies was the perfect thing to do before our water adventures! We're already missing it all so much.

I know I may be biased since I'm a native, but I'm always continually amazed at how much Israel has to offer. There are a myriad of beautiful places around the country to explore (even over and over again!). The Galili up north, Eilat in the south, Jerusalem in the middle - and then all of the wonderful sites that surround the country at all other points. If I keep writing about my love of Israel I may just hop back on a plane today and head back! Just kidding :). I'm excited to be back here, home in New York, sharing with you all!

Wishing you a fantastic week- and hey, it's almost the weekend again, right?

Neshikot =XX





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