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I'm getting so so excited with each passing day! I can't believe that soon I'll actually be the mother of three (!!) kids! We're on our way to having a real-life big family. It's all so wonderful and exciting, and INSANE, at the same time! There are mornings when I feel like I actually have to pinch myself to make sure that this third baby journey is real.

Although my oldest, Yuli, is super excited about the upcoming birth of his new baby brother or sister, he sometimes doesn't believe that I am actually growing a baby inside of me since my stomach isn't so pronounced yet. Noam and I know that he understands everything about the process (err, as much as a five year old can, at least!), but there are times when he says, with conviction, "Mommy, I don't think you have a baby…I think your belly just has food in it!" While we all know that too-full-to-move 'food baby' feeling, I can assure you this is the real deal!

To 'prove' that I am indeed pregnant, I decided to take Yuli with me to the doctor for the 21 week sonogram. He was pretty shocked to see the baby moving on the screen. In fact, he even exclaimed that he "thinks the baby looks like a skeleton!" and then proceeded to interchange skeleton with little monster repeatedly. Kids, I tell you! They have minds of their own! He's pretty sure that I'm having a baby girl, simply because he already has a baby brother.

At this point in my pregnancy, I must admit that my curiosity about the baby's gender is driving me a little nuts. I repeatedly kept thinking that I could see the sex of the baby on the technician's screen during the entire visit. But, this was probably just me over-thinking ;). We're waiting to find out whether we will be welcoming a new boy or girl into the Dekel crew. There's even more anticipation to a pregnancy when you add in the gender surprise! All you mamas must know how I'm feeling!

Yuli was super sweet throughout the entire visit. The boys are just as excited as Noam and I are to add to our family. They, too, are counting down the months until they get to be big brothers (second time for Yuli, first for my little Ori!) this summer.

I can't wait to keep you posted throughou the rest of my pregnancy. Stay tuned for more and thank you for coming along for the ride!

XX= Neshikot





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