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It's no secret that we all can feel unsure about or insecure in outfits at times. Throw in pregnancy (and growing a human inside of you!!) to the mix, and these feelings are often subconsciously magnified. I'm sure many of you mamas know what I'm saying! With this in mind, I'm trying to embrace my growing belly and changing body each and every day, and only wear clothing that makes me feel super comfortable and confident.

At this point in my pregnancy (we're at 22 weeks!), all of my regular clothes have gotten considerably tighter on me. In fact, I can't really get any of my normal pants to close anymore, and shirts are definitely showing a tiny tummy. All good things, of course, since it means my baby is growing and gaining weight! But, in terms of clothing, my third pregnancy has inspired me to venture out and try to make a host of new pieces work with my evolving shape.

My favorite pregnancy look, so far: overalls. You already know how much I love a good adult onesie look (think back to my summer rompers and fall jumpsuits), especially when I'm not even pregnant! They're chic, easy to throw on, and are pretty flattering, no matter your shape. That's the beauty of the overall piece- and accounts for how easy it has been for me to transform the look during pregnancy, even at almost 6 months! They're a pretty perfect clothing match for this trimester, since although my belly isn't super huge yet, I do have one to show, and the overalls chicly disguise any signs of a thickening frame!

I purchased this particular piece at Zara. Usually, I find myself only shopping for basics there. But, as soon as I laid eyes on these overalls, I knew I had to have them in my closet. Best part? They weren't even expensive! I definitely won't feel bad about using the look during my upcoming months of pregnancy (well, before my belly is too huge for even the giving overalls to close ;)).

Real talk for all the women out there: I truly feel sexy wearing this loose piece. It's possible to be pregnant and feel this way in clothes! It's all about what you feel on the inside and how you can stylishly show it off to the world, in a way that makes you love your body with each passing pregnancy stage. It's possible- just listen to your gut and wear what you love, what makes you feel beautiful and good!

Now back to my outfit…! Throw in some chic pointed loafers from Topshop, as pictured here, and my overall-filled pregnancy look is complete! Loafers are definitely my go-to shoe this spring since they're so comfortable (even for #pregnancyfeet), and match every look - from dressy to casual, and all in between.

What do you all think about the overall/loafer combo? Would you experiment with the look - pregnant or not? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Don't forget to find me on Instagram so we can chat!

Neshikot= XX

BTW! I definitely look pregnant from behind :-)

shoe: TOPSHOP ; overall: ZARA ; sunglasses: ILLESTEVA ; shirt: ZARA





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