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I may be a child of the 80's, but it's no secret that I'm a major sucker for a good 90's-style look. For me, the latter decade is reminiscent of teenage angst and young love, a flashback to getting my first real taste of fashion and style, if you will. Enter: the following look.

The combo I pulled off here is one of my favorites - plain white t-shirt, Tolga buckle booties, a black choker (told you I was into 90's style!) and the piece de resistance: this short black flowey dress.

Looks that can transition between day and night win many points in my eyes. And, this look accomplishes just that. It's fun and carefree enough to sport for a day of shopping, brunching, and hanging out, but can easily be worn straight out at night with only a slight addition of face makeup. The outfit's overall black tones play a major role in this transition. So really, how much easier could it get?!

Let's pick a part the outfit's pieces, shall we? The dress (aka the focal point of the look) is super comfortable, light, and loose - just like I love, especially during my pregnancy! I don't feel self conscious at all wearing this piece, even as I hit the 6 month mark and enter into the third trimester. Unbelievably great, right?! Side note, the dress is designed by a woman from Denmark, and each time I see a piece of hers, I feel like I could wear it again and again! The designer has a very rock and roll vibe, which I adore.

The Toga Pulla booties (which I proudly don all.year.long - hope you're not sick of them yet ;)) and the choker give the look a twist from good girl to bad (sorry, Dad!), in a very young loving way. Booties also elongate the legs, since they hit the ankle at just the right spot. Chokers, too, elongate the neck (hey, we're not all born with Charlize Theron's beautiful swan-like neck!) and add chicness and a throwback vibe to any look.

As you may have been able to tell, I never really wear maternity clothes while I'm pregnant. In fact, I don't believe that pregnancy clothes even need to be boring! You should be able to wear whatever makes you feel great and confident, and there are so many non-pregnancy looks out there (like this uber-chic one) that fully own that vibe even during pregnancy.

I'd love to get your take on the best looks now for pregnant mamas! Let me know what you think and where you shop, so we can exchange tips :)

Neshikot= XX

booties: TOGA PULLA ; chocker: ALDO skirt: ANINE BING shirt: ALEXANDER WANG





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